Free Custom «The Accomplishments of John F. Kennedy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Accomplishments of John F. Kennedy» Essay Paper

John F. Kennedy is considered to have accomplished several things that no American who came before him had done. He was the youngest and the first catholic to be the United States president. In this position, he called the Americans to diligently serve their home country. This is seen in his words when he said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country’, and this has remained a memorable and an inspiring appeal to date (McElrath, 2008, p. 204). The accomplishments he did are, therefore, long-standing and notable. First, his long-standing achievement is the establishment of an organization called the Peace Corps. This is an organization, whose responsibility is to send many volunteer Americans to help the needy throughout the world (McElrath, 2008, p. 204).

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Secondly, while he was in the navy, he rose to the respectable rank of the lieutenant. Before this, he in 1940, published his book titled ‘why England Slept in July 1940’, he became the best seller and captured many people in the market. Moreover, he received a marine and navy medal, Purple Heart, 2nd world war victory, and Asiatic campaign medals. His profiles, which he wrote immediately he came back from an operation hile in the navy, earned him a Pulitzer Prize .All these were enormous achievements that he was able to get within a short span of time before he was elected as the United States president when he contested against Nixon Richard (Margaret, 2004, p. 13).

John Kennedy sensibly and cautiously approached the principals for an agreement that led to missiles removal from Cuba. He ensured that the crisis, which existed, peacefully ended and the nuclear war, which was going on between Soviet Union and Cuba, was finally diverted. He was able to secure and sign a treaty with Soviet Union which restricted nuclear test bar. In addition, Kennedy made a lot of efforts in supporting traveling to the moon, although this did not happen in his time, the first efforts that made it successful was due to his initial support. On the other hand, during his time, there were many states, which were facing challenges of employment. Many people were unemployed and his effort to help them was evident. He took a challenged and he was dedicated to ensure that Area redevelopment Act was passed (Anderson, 2006, p. 98). This act was of great help to these states because it ensured that there are equal employment opportunities to all members. Therefore, its passage was an achievement that he was considered aa successful president.

Other than these, there was also segregation between states. This existed dominantly especially in travelling facilities, when he was the president, he ensured that the state laws were changed and amended such that this segregation ended and all the states’ residents freely and equally used these facilities. He also promoted art works; he encouraged people to venture into this field by holding plays, musicals, and concerts at the white house. This was meant to make people create a source of employment to themselves and others (Anderson, 2006, p. 98).

There was also discrimination in many states when it came to leasing or selling of houses. This was more evident especially in those houses, which were owned or financed by the central government. Since he was in power then, he gave an administrative order forbidding discrimination in such cases. Other than this form of discrimination, there was also racial discrimination, which he was also able to make it end. Finally, Kennedy strived for the passage of the Civil Rights legislation; this was not easy for him because he received hindrance from his opponents. He however, managed to pass it under Johnson by using his presidential orders (Margaret, 2004, p. 13).


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