Free Custom «Success» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Success» Essay Paper

For one to be successful, you must initially define what you understand success is. Different people attach different meaning to success. To some, it may mean a huge salary or living the American dream of a fancy home and priceless cars. Others feel successful even in the center of daily trials and tribulations. Determining your purpose and then making decisions founded upon this purpose is the secret to success. Success equates to that which makes you feel joy and fulfillment of your purpose in life.

Many people believe that success is wrapped up in material things, but the truth is that success is wrapped up on how you perceive yourself and how you enjoy your life. For one to have a successful life you need to have peace of mind which means being free from worry or fear, to have energy and health, to be in a loving relationship, financial freedom and personal fulfillment. To be successful one should show outstanding willpower when it comes to achieving set goals.

The setback to success is that we normally do not live our lives based on our own definition of success. Instead we are influenced by our environment that include friends, family, society and culture. Our decisions are based upon what we perceive is expected of us other than what we really desire and wish. This creates pressure and inequality as we live in other's expectations rather than in our own desire. We then move outside of our planned purpose.

To have the willpower is one of the main factors of success and however you define it, no success comes without determination. For that reason there isn’t success anywhere in this planet which is not accompanied by a good measure of hard work and one can not keep on with hard work with out having a solid determination.

It Is that simple ,for success to be achieved you must integrate hard work and determination in all fields. Success lovers are not afraid of hard work, rather they fear too much leisure time. For one to define his own success you have to answer the following, What are your strengths and weaknesses? What things are important to you? Do you spend your life in your own way? It may not be simple to answer all this questions but by answering these questions you come closer to defining your own measure of success one at a time.



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