Free Custom «Student Survival Guide» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Student Survival Guide» Essay Paper

A guide to student survival is very practical and valuable tools every student whose aim is to excel and are pursuing academic goals. A guidebook normally serves as a functional roadmap for the student to accomplish the desired outcome in his or her pursuit of academic success. People often recognize that in order to earn what they are worth and secure their visions or dreams. According to Bewley, a guide must focus and give practical examples regarding time management, integrity of work, comprehension and understanding skills, setting of goals and application of the learned or acquired knowledge and skills.

At Axia College, a number of educational online educational resources are accessible to the students. The three resources that are incredibly of value are the availability to download and save files that are of multiple formats, the university Library and the ability to determine by identification key information within the various articles available to students from the online resources. The resources are such that the material or articles can be stored on a computer or a portable device for a later use. The fact that students are able to download information onto the mp3 or IPod, gives the opportunity to get the information and listen to it at the students own convenience. The Axia university Library is another very useful resource available online hence students can always log in with their student library account details and browse for any articles and materials of relevance to that particular student’s course or unit. The provision of this online library ensures that even distance learners can access and get help and educational assistance in their studies. It also allows Axia students the ability to research scholarly journals and relevant articles, books and other resourceful material that are educationally based. I have found the online library a very great tool and of value since it allows for the freedom to conduct research and literature review on items and issues relating to the courses offered and the units covered. This actually has enabled the cost cutting measures on purchasing books and travelling to other libraries or resource centres for the purpose of accessing the materials. It is very relevant in the discussion of this paper since it saves countless hours in research hence accumulated extra time can be spared for other developmental activities such as group discussions and extra curriculum activities. The three databases to choose from including: Ebscohost, ProQuest, and Thomson Gale PowerSearch offer a varied wealth of assistance and are very much user-friendly always yielding results that are geared towards the students to achieve their educational goals. The focus of these therefore is to aid the students spend more quality time on the relevant educational material given the ease with which these articles are retrieved from the databases. A number of these articles are peer reviewed and scholarly work to ensure verifiable information is available to the students and using the advanced search features specific key words can be easily found by the search engines and hence it enable the students conduct a relatively constructive research, saving time and being very precise in as far as the relevance of the study topic is concerned.

The fact that the Library resources are very much available to the students, it is very easy for students to just be dishonest in whatever studies they are conducting. Academic honesty plays a very important role in achieving success in any learning environment. Honesty is very critical in the academic field as much as it is in life to attain the success on every level particularly when it comes to writing. Many people often do not regard their sources of information but with the ample amount of resources offered at Axia, students have the chance to exercise this character in order to set a tone for quality work that the student will produce at the end of the research. It implies that the student has widely consulted with reviews from a number of accredited sources and can therefore pose the quality of his/her originality. At Axia a student can write about 85% of the work and cite the remaining in order to meet the requirements. In the cases where students cite scholarly work of others, it is important that the student give credit where it is due by citing the author of that particular work. An example is that at Axia, a writing style handbook proves very beneficial with its simplicity of writing and provision of specific examples of the formatting styles such as the American Psychological Association (APA) style. A number of discussions are the importance of the correct citation of other scholar’s work and helps one to understand the various categories of styles and citations. Whenever other author’s work is used and not cited, this implies stealing intellectual property by claiming the authenticity of the work and is termed as plagiarism. The consequences of this act are very severe and can result to nullification of a paper done since no proof is revealed of any research and further reading having taken place. The ways that students can avoid this vice is be very keen as research is done to pick out the key issues raised by scholars and then credit then where applicable. At the time of carrying out the research, the student should ensure that all sources are very relevant and all work lifted and cited are properly referenced.

Setting of goals and aiming at achieving them is very crucial to any student who intends to excel in their studies. Most students before enrolling to a program will have set both short and long term goals with short terms goals being as simple as applying to a specific course and selecting certain units. Once these students are enrolled into these courses and have chosen the units, they can move on to set long term goals such as complete the Bachelor’s degree with certain grades for instance 4.0 being maintained. The student at this time must be very categorical, realistic, and can be able to justify way those goals are set as such having the concept of time or the period of completing the courses as well as meeting the goals. The short and long terms goals also may depend on personal inclinations regarding what the student wants to become or undertake later in life. It is important to set a time frame within which the short term goals can be achieved by being practical to ensure the ease with which these goals will be achieved. For example a short term goal would be registration for a given course and a student can set a timeframe within which to register for that particular course maybe three months before the deadline. The student should keep the goals simple, realistic, attainable and concise to help achieve the goals faster with greater ease. Every student should write down their goals and plan of action hence giving them insight into the goals set, duration to meet the goals and follow procedure to be undertaken while incorporating flexibility to accommodate any unexpected circumstances of life.

Time management is a virtue that every student aspiring to excel in their studies, career and life must embrace. The leaner has to balance time wisely in the field of academics by referring to their schedules for instance to ensure that they are on track with regard to their goal timelines, projects, assignments and even the syllabus on a daily basis in order to train in the time keeping and management. When having an assignment, the student needs to set time aside for preparation even before the actual research begins to determine how he/she will utilize the available time wisely and maximize on every little time found for productivity purposes. Making a list of the things one would like to accomplish is also very important as it enable one to plan carefully focusing on effectiveness of what is to be carried out at various times. When work is properly scheduled in a time sheet, a student is capable of juggling the assignments, work and family well since they have well stipulated the time slots for all the activities planned for. This will definitely help any serious student avoid time wasters since they stick to their schedules of the day.

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Scheduling work will enable the student prepare thoroughly well even during a research work and hence one can foster reading comprehension and retention which oftentimes do not come ease and requires on to practice and get more extra time outside of their normal program or routine to master and not cram their work. By getting the concepts and building on the same student are able o retain. For instance getting mathematic concepts alone in a math unit will ensure that a student comprehends the solution of any math problem thereby being able to retain. At Axia use of the SQ3R worksheet helps to retain what students read because one can revaluate the way studies were by breaking them down in a process. It is very important for any student determining to comprehend to take notes and thereby be capable of understanding the concepts of studies even from their own notes. This is a skill found to help retain and commit to memory knowledge and information that a student has absorbed.

Lastly, incorporating personality traits and the various learning style is very important for a student who aims at achieving success. The student’s personality can make or break him/her. For instance pessimistic students normally do not aim high naturally viewing a cup as half empty and not half full. Students must determine to acquire or train is high attitudinal personality traits and also use different learning style to achieve success. Learning styles reflect on the students’ personality a lot and a student will attain high goals if they have basic understanding of what and how their personality style impacts during the learning process. When students master this skill, then they are on the road to academic success with every student responsible and accountable for their own excellence.



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