Free Custom «Neil Young and Edward Hopper» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Neil Young and Edward Hopper» Essay Paper

An artist refers to as a person producing either drawings or paintings as his/her occupation or a leisure pursuit. It can also refer to a person who does creative arts, for instance a sculptor, an author, lyricist, or a filmmaker. Artists are skilled to do particular tasks i.e. they can be performers, for instance a singer, actor, or even a dancer. Artists are customary practitioners of particular culpable activities. Neil young and Edward Hopper are artists, expressing different things and affecting the society in different ways. Neil young is a songwriter and is, in addition, a musician. He stands to be a prominent singer of his age, band, and generation. Edward Hopper on the other hand, is a painter and a visual artist, an illustrator and a graphic artist and is the most decipherable and a renowned painter in the US (Fryd, 2003). Many critics consider him to be the most significant realist/pragmatist of the twentieth century in the US. These two artists have had a share of their struggles in their careers but they have managed to influence the society positively (Tasker, 2002).

Even though Edward Hopper is long dead, he was an outstanding American realist visual artist and printmaker. He was widely recognized for his oil paintings, although he was equally skillful as a watercolorist and printmaker in engraving. In his urban and rural panorama, his spare and thinly calculated renderings revealed his own vision of contemporary American life. Edward Hopper is still one of those artists whose work of art comes-up fresh each time one sees it, no-matter how recognizable, and how often it has been reproduced (Fryd, 2003). His cinematic work of art and theatrical utilization of dark and light, made Hopper the ideal artist among makers of film. He also influenced songwriters and singers. His influence reached the world of Japanese animatronics. Edward was a renowned painter who used his themes to depict realism (Morrison, 2007).

Neil young as a great songwriter and musician has impacted the society significantly. The popularity and universal scope of his music has brought about noteworthy impact on the general public. His artistic themes have influenced everyday life, mindset, fashion, and verbal communication. His artistic techniques have matured, and so his music has been accepted and has been a profoundly intertwined strand in popular cultures. Young is basically a rock artistic, and rock songs have for decades been used in TV commercials. His songs are also used in filming as sound tracks. In their different artistic ways, Hopper and Young express different ways and so impacting the society differently (Fryd, 2003).

Young's work is exemplified by his idiosyncratic guitar work, intensely personal lines, and signature tenor musical voice. Even though he convoys himself on numerous dissimilar instruments, together with piano and harmonica, his distinctive electric and claw-hammer aural guitar plays are the crucial distinctiveness of a varyingly ragged and harmonious sound. Although Young has tried out different techniques of music, for instance, electronic and swing music all through his diverse vocation, his top celebrated work typically falls into two main styles/techniques i.e. auditory folk and country rock, or even amplified hard-rock in alliance with the rock-band Crazy Horse (Echard, 2005).

This artist has also taken on elements from the latest styles, for example, alternative rock. Hopper and Young are two artists who have done very different things and have impacted the society in their own different ways. Their personal lives have affected their work differently too; Hopper, for instance, struggles so much to reach the top as a painter before his death. He struggled so much to become among the renowned visual artists on the 20th century. His personal life contributed so much on these struggles and hold ups. Edward, for instance, had problems when it came to what he wanted to paint (Michaelis, 1994).

Edward came from a middle class family that convinced him to start by learning commercial illustrations for the reason that this seemed to proffer better opportunities and a more secure future. Hopper had already wanted to become a painter and so this persuasion by his parents affected his work. Hopper was not well-known and so he struggled to be noticed and recognized in the society. During his career as a painter, he sought and explored the themes he chose i.e. the pressure and tension that exists between people, especially between men and women, the divergence or conflicts that exist between traditions and advancements in urban and rural surroundings, and the moods stirred up by different times of day (Renner, 2000). Young also had personal problems that affected his life. In the 80s, young went through difficulties that affected his life and his profession. Medical problems of his disabled son troubled him, making him not have much time to utilize on his song writing and recording too. He had to concentrate more on his son’s welfare. He did not tour much also in support of his music. His work as a musician was as a result, affected. During this time, he experimented in so many things and he knew no limits (Echard, 2005).

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Young also went through legal battles that made him unproductive; frustrations caused by rejection of his country album also affected his work significantly. Hopper and Young toured many places in the world just to get their messages across. Hopper for instance, used his distinctive themes in his paintings that brought about his uniqueness and his vision as a painter. He painted many places such as motels, highways, restaurants, and trains and he enjoyed painting public areas and also semi-public areas where there were gatherings of people, like hotels, cinema halls, theatres, and public offices (Michaelis, 1994).

In his paintings, Hopper emphasized on themes of aloneness; his theatres were frequently semi deserted, with a small number of patrons waiting to see the curtains go up or the entertainers secluded in the ferocious stage light. Hopper went to watch movies often, that is why there is regularly a cinematic feature in his work of art. As the years went by, nonetheless, he found appropriate subjects more and more intricate to discover, and time and again, he felt uncreative, blocked, and incapable of painting. Charles Burchfield said: “With Hopper the whole fabric of his art seems to be interwoven with his personal character and manner of living (Renner, 2000).” This meant that when the connection that was between the external world he saw and the internal world of emotions and vision/fantasy ruptured, Edward Hopper discovered that he was incapable of creating (Renner, 2000).

Particularly, Abstract Expressionism rise left Hopper deserted artistically, for he criticized and rejected numerous aspects discovered in the new painting (Fryd, 2003). Hopper passed on in 1967, secluded if not forgotten; his true significance has only been completely realized in the years from the time when he died. Young, as an artist has travelled all over the world conveying his message, using his distinctive voice and his distinctive genre and this has contributed to his uniqueness of his vision. Through his travels, he got a chance to encounter several renowned arts, which influenced his way of thinking and acting. Just like Hopper, young is very unique in his way of singing. They are two very different artists but they connect in how they bring out their techniques, thus contributing to their own uniqueness as artists (Morrison, 2007).

Young is a candid activist for ecological issues and the wellbeing of small-scale farmers. He is a prominent musician who impacts other people’s lives positively (Echard, 2005). Hopper and Young are better artists because of their work, their talent, and their uniqueness. Their work in artistic world has made them better and important people in the society. Artists play a significant role in our society because they show other people how unique each one of us is and how our different talents can make our world a better place. They leave a memorable mark in our lives and in the society (Renner, 2000). Hopper for instance was a prominent painter who was very talented and even though he has been dead for more than three decades, the society still celebrates his artistic work.

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These artists have become better because of their contributions in the society; implying that our participation in the society is what makes us either better or worse people. Their legacy will stay forever and will serve as a role model for many. Hopper and Young have positively contributed to our society thus making them better people. The society has also been made better through their work and the messages they have conveyed to us through paintings and songs. Hopper had his unique themes, which he revealed through his work of art, and these themes depicted our society, the conflicts, and relationships that exist between men and women. Young on the other hand, writes songs concerning our society and what happens around us, with his theme songs the society gets to relate with him. Songs conveys messages that mostly impact our lives positively; through these songs, the uniqueness of an artist is also brought out (Tasker, 2002).



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