Free Custom «Nature vs. Nurture in the life of John Edward Pough» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nature vs. Nurture in the life of John Edward Pough» Essay Paper

There exists a controversy as whether criminal behavior is a function of either biological/genetic or environmental factors. Criminal behavior is a predisposition of certain elements that an individual has encountered during his/her lifetime. The elements are: individuals have been tortured, violently violated, threatened or observe other individuals in that situation, and they have been encouraged or taught to commit violence and hence proceeded to do so. In addition, individuals can maneuver respect from others by committing the violent act or showing rage; and finally, that a combination of intense feeling, for instance, rage renders the individual to be more vulnerable, and hence commit criminal acts as a way of reducing frustration, self-preservation, and to lower personal fears. As such, individuals are likely to engage violent/criminal behavior that arises from psychological/societal factors other than simply biological. Ideally and as most research puts it, juvenile criminal behavior is linked closely to social fundamentals rather than biological ones. The social elements are socioeconomic status, family structure, the community in which an individual resides, and school involvement.

An individual background that forms the environment, which an individual, was brought up is also partially linked to criminal behavior. As a result, crimes are not only caused by poverty, neglect, abuse or race, but it is a product of past stigmatization.

James Edward Pough

James was born in Jacksonville, Florida on February 16, 1948 as the firstborn in a family of nine siblings. He was brought up near Florida Community College, and as a child, he suffered from asthma. During this time, he developed a close relationship with his mother since she was taking care of him. His family has broken up while he was 10 years of age. He went to a vocational school but left during his sophomore year. After that, at the age of 18 years he starts working as a common laborer until his death.

When Pough was at school, he had close relationships with gangs. In the year 1965, he was arrested for vagrancy twice, and in 1966 arrested twice. One for attempted murder and second for murder assault, and again, He was arrested in 1968 for displaying a knife dangerously. Moreover, he was then arrested in 1970, and though not charged with two counts; vagrancy prowling by auto and motor vehicle theft. On May 8, 1971, after engaging in a quarrel with his friend David Lee Pender, when he referred to his fiancée as a bitch, Pough grabbed a gun from his fiancée purse and shot his best friend three times. Pender eventually succumbed to the bullet shots in the hospital later. Following the incidence, he was initially changed with murder, but later it was changed to manslaughter.

Moreover, in December 1988, Pough traded in his car for another car (1988 Pontiac Grand Am). Later own he had difficulties in repaying the required amounts. This lead to the repossession of the car by GMAC on January 1990, before he later purchased a M1 carbine two months before the shootings.

The death of Pough mother changed him for the worse. He even stated that he will take someone when he passes on. He frequently uttered violent outbursts to his wife and even threatened her by pointing a gun at her head. The two separated in the year 1990, and Pough was issued with an injunction, which limits their interactions.

In conclusion, the behavior of Pough is determined by nature, and at the same time shaped by the environment. The happenings that surround the life of Pough added more to the change in his behavior. The external factors such as family breakup, divorce, dead and relationships shaped his criminal behavior.



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