Free Custom «My University Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My University Life» Essay Paper

In our society, we all yearn to leave a mark that will indeed be felt with several generations to come. My aspiration is to give back to the society in terms of my dedicated service. Several learning institutions give us an opportunity to grow and become people we wish to be. In life, second chances are rare and I believe that UNC Wilmington offers us that opportunity.

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I was born in Medellin, Colombia and my family lineage has not had the opportunity to pursue higher education like enrolling for further studies in the University and College. As I have indicated that that second chances in life are rare, being offered a chance at the University will be a great step of showing others that anything is possible. Will Rogers once stated that America is becoming so educated that ignorance will be a novelty. He continued that he longed to be part of the select few. In reflecting on these noble words by Rogers, I believe I too want to be counted among the selected few, who have crossed every challenge in life with determination to achieve the best in educaton. Against all odds, I decided to enter into history as the first person in my family to attend college.

My family looks on me as their role model and in particular, I want to set precedence to my four month old daughter so that when she comes of age, she might have a true model in me. I also hope that she will emulate my footsteps in the path to glory that was made possible by UNC Wilmington. In life, I believe we are entitled to make sacrifices which ensure that we are determined to achieve our goals and objectives. This is the reason as to why I sacrificed leaving my family and embark on serving the beloved country. My goal in life, and the main reason why enrolled in UNC Wilmington is to get its numerous benefits offered as a result of the military studies. I intend to get a bs in biology with an aim of further joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a criminalist.

The great atmosphere illustrated by University of North Carolina-Wilmington, is a worth opportunity where students can excel in their learning career in whichever field theey choose to engage in. Furthermore, the recent rankings of top universities in the United States Regional Universities indicate that it comes eleventh. Its state in union fees is affordable for all those with limited financial capability. I believe in my potential and will strive to earn a solid grade point average. I also believe that the institution gives room for students to graduate with sufficient skills and experience in any field they aspire to engage in.

I believe in the University’s potential to offer effective learning environment to students. The environment presents an integrated teaching and mentoring instructions that is highly rich in research and service level that no one can pas through its ranks without becoming a noble person in the society. On the other hand, the University gives the students an opportunity of offering community service that turns out handy in my professional career. I promise to put in my level best in performing to the best standards set by the University as they help nurture present and future leaders.


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