Free Custom «My Best Friend» Essay Paper

Free Custom «My Best Friend» Essay Paper

One of the things I cherish most is my best friend Jack. I met Jack in a restaurant one of the days that my father had taken me out for lunch. He was with his mum and we shared the same table at the restaurant. I remember his mum introducing him as future musician and that he was very much in love with music. That struck me because music was one of my favourite hobbies and I hope to engage in some advanced training in music. After his mum’s introduction, my father exclaimed noting that that was as wonderful coincide because I also was a future musician. We exchanged numbers and started communicating afterwards. I was very much surprised when I found that Jack’s family stay in a very close vicinity to our home. This has given us opportunities to bond together and grow in friendship.

The fact that Jack and I are fond of music is the core of our friendship. To me music has been my companion since the time I was a little boy. As I grew up it came to my realization that music close to me more than anything else. The moments that I am stressed by school work by usual faded away by the strumming on my guitar. I have found a lot of beauty in music and I must agree with authors who have tagged music with a lot goods things; optimism, joy, calmness, enlightening, relaxation among many other things (Herwitz, 1996; Jacox, 1871; Karkanis, 2008). Throughout my life I have come to appreciate the benefits that I gain from music apart from just being entertained. I also strongly believe that Jack has come to this realization and that is the reason where we have become such close friends.

Jack is a very nice person and I must confess that he is quite caring. He takes time to listen and is always very willing to help. I have learnt a lot of skills in music during the time that we have spent together. He has always claimed that I am very talented at playing a guitar but what I admire most is his skill of playing a piano. After our first encounter we found out that we were attending the same college though he was a year ahead of me. We have been training for a moment together and we have realised that we can form a very good team. Though we are thinking of forming a band the plans are still at the initial stages. We are hoping to recruit more people who are in a position to play other musical instruments.

I must admit that my father has been very supportive to our friendship and he has gone to all the extent including getting us some new musical instruments and hiring a tutor who comes around the weekends to polish our skills. Jack has renewed my passion for music and made me believe that we actually are in a very good position to form a formidable band. Apart from just being good at playing musical instruments we are good at singing. Together with Jack polished some of the songs that I had composed early. We have also composed more songs. Our tutor likes the songs and believes that with the inclusion of other people playing other instruments, the band will be a big show.

I believe after going through college, we will be in a good position to dedicate more time to our music career. I personally intend to enrol in music school to make it possible for me to perfect my skills. Together with Jack we have participated in a number of musical concerts where, I must confess, we have received standing ovations. I believe that with the inclusion of more people in our group, it will be possible to come up with a more appealing entertainment team. I am looking forward to the time I will be joining music school as I believe that this will be one of the best moments in my life.

I am very grateful to Jack for being such a great friend. I must confess that he has been an encouragement to me and that he has helped to raise the quality of and passion for music a level higher than it was before. I can foresee that with time together with Jack we will form a great music band.



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