Free Custom «Marriage» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Marriage» Essay Paper

The analytical principle

“Single Minded” presents a viewpoint that today individuals have an option “to stay single and live full lives and be just as, to put it directly, morally significant as married couples” (O’Brien). In other words, marriage is no longer the central measure of one’s happiness, nor is it the basic criterion of belonging to gendered society – people are free to choose between being married and being single, depending on what they want to do in life.

Object of analysis

The movie “Ruby in Paradise” (1993).

Making connections

Ruby Lee Gissing, the central character of the movie, is a single lady who leaves her native town in Tennessee and comes to Florida with nothing but her car and with a determination to start a new life.

Ruby has everything she needs to be a happy married woman. The film provides Ruby with an opportunity to choose from two men: one of them offers her sex and wonderful leisure, while the other one provides her with the feeling of security and companionship.

Ruby proves that a woman has the third option: the young woman in the film is not very much concerned about finding a good man but decides to find out who she is and what she wants in this life. She chooses to stay single.

The film supports O’Brien’s “Single Minded” in the sense that it presents women with a new set of life options. They are no longer obliged to have a man or to be married, in order to be happy. More importantly, women no longer need men to be considered as “normal” by their society, and marriage is no longer the central criterion of measuring “normality”. A woman has an excellent opportunity to concentrate on self-development and self-exploration, and Ruby proves that women can be absolutely happy about this choice.



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