Free Custom «Larry Winget» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Larry Winget» Essay Paper


It is unimaginable for an individual to be born in extreme poverty, and yet dream of having tremendous riches. Most individuals concur with the idea that they will finally get rich, but it never clicks on their minds that they could become billionaires. Poverty is known to crush the dreams and ambitions of many. However, there are certain individuals who accumulate wealth amidst hardships and manage to overcome every obstacle that comes their way. It is true that adversity shapes the character of a man. Larry Winget is one person who can inspire other people’s lives and make them move on to the next level. Larry is known to have started his life in Muskogee, Oklahoma (Winget, 2005). He started in a chicken ranch and it never occurred to him that he would be rich and famous. In his life, he has swept floors, shoveled manure and managed a company as the president.

Larry Winget has been named five times as the bestselling author by the New York Journal. On top of that, he participates in the Hall Of Fame, where he is a member. He has made incredible achievements in the media industry (Zarzecki, 2005). For instance, he appears on national television commercials as well as starring his own television show. Larry often contributes on many television shows on topics, related to business, money and personal success. The shows that Larry appears include: star of his own PBS special, star of A&E’s Big Spender among others (Zarzecki, 2005). It is incredible how he brings out solid information and delivers it in a funny and refreshing manner.

Larry records to have spoken to nearly four hundred out of the five hundred Fortune companies. His credible content is greatly admired and in every speaking session that he goes to, the audience is always left mesmerized, inspired and elated. His distinct abilities usually depict intelligence, preparedness and integrity (Winget, 2005). He inspires millions of individuals, and he always tries to bring out an element of celebrity in his never ending television shows. His current trademark includes Pitbull of Personal Development. The trademark that has made him the most popular motivational speaker is the controversial trademark of The World’s Only Irritational Speaker. People usually describe Larry as hilarious, straight-forward and caustic. He is said to have credentials that no other speaker, working today, has.

Among his works are his five bestselling books, which include: Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life, You're Broke Because You Want to Be, People are Idiots and I Can Prove It and Your Kids are Your Own Fault, and It's Called WORK for a Reason (Winget, 2008). Those books contain rich content of inspirational and motivational information that a reader looks for. The books contain realistic ideas, simple examples, implementable ideas as well as criticism to the mediocre in the society.

Larry’s viewpoint of success

Larry, in his book, Work It like You Mean It, criticizes and condemns employees as well as employers for their slow response to the market. He describes the competition as a way of enhancing quality and efficiency in the firms. He advocates for personal acceptance of responsibility in the workplace and clearly highlights that diligence is the only vehicle to success (Winget, 2008). His tone seems harsh to the reader but contains a lot of reality in it. Larry is crowned as an irritational author since his work contains the bitter truth about the people in the society. A lot of people fancy his work and usually exclaim that his work is not for the faint heart. His style of writing, using realistic ideas that face people every day, has inspired many across the globe (Winget, 2008).

In this particular book, Larry highlights that employees usually waste a lot of time performing other duties than those delegated (Winget, 2000). He stresses that employees are usually paid to produce results other than work hard as perceived by many. His focus on the issue brings out the relationship between managing time in the workplace and producing results. Larry’s explanation for the relationship clearly brings to light how workers should concentrate more on managing their priorities, rather than managing time. Therefore, it is evident that Larry strongly advocates for proper management of tasks as compared to management of time.

In addition, Larry mentions that employers too need to enhance their capabilities and focus more on results. He advices employers to be aggressive, while competing with other firms, especially now that firms are coming up with new inventions every day (Winget, 2008). He argues that, a team does not fail because of one person, but fails due to lack of exploiting the individual aspects in the employees.

You are BROKE because you want to be.

In this book, Larry highlights the major mistakes that people usually make in their day to day activities. Larry describes poor people as individuals who live in regions that have no opportunities for progression. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that Larry is quick to mention that poverty is a critical issue and yet, results due to no one faults (Winget, 2009). Larry’s contribution to the society is well accepted by a majority of the people. He criticizes the general perception that people have about ending poverty through buying his books. He reiterates that it is only after an individual has understood the book and applied the principles; he/she can start experiencing success (Winget, 2009). It is interesting to note how Larry argues about the issue, concerning his book. He highlights that being broke and being poor are two different issues. He explains that being broke is usually brought about by overspending and under dreaming.

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Larry has made a large contribution in changing the minds of the average people. He does this by identifying the key weaknesses, affecting the society. He has made dreams of many people become a reality thanks to his writing and the straight-forward way of handling issues. One of Larry’s fans explains how she has learnt to align her intentions with her actions through reading Larry’s work (Winget, 2009). She explains with a lot of joy how she has unlocked her potential and progressed ahead in life. Larry is one of the most influential speakers in the world today. His books have been found invaluable, as they give teachings one cannot receive in a classroom.

Larry, through his television show, has helped a lot of people in financial crisis. Most of these individuals complain of being unable to tame their spending habits. He evaluates their finances and even goes to the extent of providing them with a plan to help them in investing. Larry does not hide the truth from them but highlights to them their flaws in respect to their spending habits (Winget, 2009). Many people are said to have tremendously benefitted from this show, and they all owe it to Larry. Interestingly, Larry does not advice individuals about investing in the stock market but generally focuses on the individuals situations that lead to poor management of finances. According to him, an individual should know how to make money, how to enjoy the money and more so, ensure there is always plenty of it (Winget, 2008).

Why Listen to Larry

Larry explains how he grew up extremely poor but had a target of getting rich. He explains his strategy of coming out of the poverty that had befallen him. He explains that he worked hard and finally got rich. He later on became bankrupt and decided to learn from that experience. After avoiding all the mistakes he had committed before, he emerged as a millionaire. Larry uses his experience to inspire many people undergoing what he went through before he learnt from his mistakes. Though Larry inspires millions of people across the globe, he insists that he does not deal with investment options. It is worth mentioning that Larry himself hires experts to guide him through in his investments (Winget, 2000). Larry’s attitude is extremely inspirational and motivating at the same time. Despite his upbringing in abject poverty, Larry still maneuvers his way and makes a positive contribution to the world through his wise counsel.


Larry uses humor in his writings (Winget, 2008). His ideas are always based on real life, sound business practices as well as his personal experience. However, Larry fails to turn some of his ideas into reality. For instance, guidelines on how to have a perfect employee and employer relationship disregard the fact of other issues such as organizational structure. On the other hand, some of his ideas are realistic and amazingly practicable in the real world. These ideas are easy to implement. The main point of stressing on the applicability is because some of the ideas that he has written seem simple, when reading, while in the real sense, they are extremely difficult to implement. Other ideas seem applicable, but when it comes to the application stage, materials seem inadequate to complete the process. The other issue that makes it difficult for people to implement Larry’s ideas is because different people are faced by different obstacles, hence, in responding to these problems, we cannot all respond in the same manner.

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Larry Winget has contributed a lot in personal development of individuals as well as shaping the practices of business. Larry does not criticize any person for spending money but generally highlights that individuals should inculcate in themselves proper spending habits. In regard to workplace, he explains that employers and employees should always focus on working towards getting results not working hard.



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