Free Custom «James Clerk Maxwell: His Science and his Faith» Essay Paper

Free Custom «James Clerk Maxwell: His Science and his Faith» Essay Paper


James Maxwell was a renowned scientist who was born in the year 1831 and died in the year 1879. He was born in the land of Edinburgh in Scotland. He unfortunately died at the age of 48 in the land of Cambridge in England. During his time, he did countless things and was capable to accomplish a lot. Several of the things that he was competent to accomplish are the Maxwell equations, and also the distribution demon, furthermore the discs, and also the speed distribution, the Maxwell’s theorem, and the displacement current and also the general Maxwell model. These are presently a little of the inventions he is still remembered for up to date. His zeal for science and discovery further led him to win loads of the outstanding awards like the Rumford and also the Smith’s prizes.

James Maxwell was an eminent Scottish Physists and also a prominent mathematician. He is up to date most remembered for the discovery and also in the formulation of the electromagnetic hypothesis. He achieved all this through methodical experiments and the use of equations of the electricity, and also the magnetism and also on optic theories. Using this experiment he was proficient to verify that both electricity and the magnetism and also the light all utilize the same trend called the electromagnetic field. This invention came after the utmost scientist Isaac Newton discerned the rule of gravity.

His faith

Early in his upbringing, his religious life was seen by his mother during his early years. At the age of about eight, he was capable to show an unbelievable form of excellent remembrance which astonished his mother. This is because he was still very young at the age of eight and it was very unusual for this to happen at this age for most normal children. For instance, at this age of eight, he was competent to rehearse lengthy verses of the book of psalms. For example, he was able to narrate the entire of psalms chapter 119 which is known to contain up to 176 verses. By doing this, it progressively led to the improvement of his knowledge and curiosity in the spiritual humanity. This further shows how devoted a Christian he was and also the immense esteem he had for God’s word and also the scripture.

Another way, in which the spiritual part of James is revealed, is when he was in Cambridge University. Here, as a scholar, he was able to show how zealous he was for the word of God and how he tried to relate it to the normal events of his life. Although due to his famousness in the scientific field it has become incredibly rigid for people to easily remember his Christianity part of existence. He was known to be an evangelical Presbyterian through his era. He was also one of the leaders of the church of the Scotland.

Apart from his grand believe in Christianity, he also had an immense passion for the poems. He mostly tried to remember the Scottish poems and also tried to inscribe his own poems. These poems brought him back to rediscover his immortal part of life. More over, he used to formulate tunes and sing to his poems accompanied by a guitar. This showed how spiritual he was and the immortal part of him. To remember him several of his poems were published by his close acquaintance called Campbell. For instance, the poem titled firm body sings was published in the year 1882.

Additionally, when Clerk joined the university at the age of sixteen years, his key intention was to go and learn mathematics and the physics subjects. There, he found out that there was less competition for him. Therefore he decided to transfer to another institution called the Trinity. Here, students are taught how to be disciplined and perform excellently. This was one of his aspirations to obtain a first rank as every other hardworking person. Unfortunately, while he was still in school, he is seen to be complaining a lot about the institution’s stress on the technological mastery. This made him feel further restricted and needed a lot of liberty from the set customs of the school. In situation to the scriptural norm, he is seen to be taking for granted the exposure of God to man. Here, we get the revelation of how Maxwell was fighting with the equilibrium amid the discipline and the idea of innovation.

Further more according to his statement that he is convinced that the learning of x and the value y is very crucial to man and that it means an exceptionally vital grounding for intellectual study of the creation.  This made him to start thinking philosophically so as to be able to have a clear validation of the chief reason for educational study. He said that “a man’s key conclusion is to worship God and to have delight in life for eternally.” This shows how religious he was relating the norm of life to the divine power that exists.

Moreover, this led to a profound growth and improvement of James’ intellectual understanding of his Christianity faith and also of science. This consequently grew and developed during his moment in the university. This event, eventually led him to joining of the set of apostles whose main agenda is debating. This group consisted mainly of the intellectuals elites only. This society of debate gave him an opening to study his printed assays that needed clarification. This is evidently shown when later on after eighteen months when he was proficient to present an insight and an extensive overview of Christianity and also on academic research to the institution. Therefore, for Maxwell his belief for Christianity is that it is one true scheme and with this status one is able to open up to most complete examinations. This also includes the taboos. He once spent time with the reverend Tayler and got a comprehensible exposure that God is love. This was encountered when he fell sick in the rend house and he generously took care of him until he got well.

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Finally, his Christianity belief is further revealed when he met a former apostle called Maurice. Through their interaction, Maxwell was able to study a lot from Maurice. Though, he learnt something from him, he did no totally accept the theological viewpoints of Maurice. But the only thing that he believed in him was that dehumanization of the working group in the industrialized culture. This dehumanization was to be prevented by an approach of incorporation of the education knowledge into their lives. The idea of education led to an immense influence and improvement of their existing standards. This was achieved when Maurice himself and some of his friends come up with college for working men. This made Maxwell learn that from this as an exceptionally important Christian service to the humanity. This further made Maxwell to offer his time to tutor this college for a period of time until the year 1866.  Further more, this act led to Maxwell passing the exams due to his sacrifice and commitment. This eventually led to his awarding of the famous smith prize.

His Science

            The great scientist Maxwell was known for a broad diversity of scientific discoveries that led to his popularity. Some of his discoveries led to the development of the field of physics and that of mathematics, for instance, the discovery of the color analysis. He was the first scientist to discover the lasting color photographs. He was capable of doing this by the study of the optic fields and also the experiments he carried out on the color visions. In the era of the 1855 and the year 1872, he was able to do investigations on the perception of color by studying the color blindness and also the color theories mutually. By doing this research, he came up with economical and affordable equipments to be used by everyone. This further led to his awarding of the Rumford honor. This idea used the theory of only three colors which were red, and also the color green and finally the color violet. He said that if the three colors were enclosed in a filter paper. Then a snap of black and the color white was placed in such a manner that clear prints of the image were projected onto a given display. Then an entire imitation of all the colors will be perceived by the eyes.

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Another inventory he made in the field of the science was the finding of the kinetic theory and also the thermodynamics. He majorly studied the kinetic theory of the matter gas. This led to him developing the Ludwig Boltzmann into the currently used Maxwell-Boltzmann as one of the kinetic theory of the matter gases. This study is shown in his effort of Maxwell distribution. He was proficient to come up with this formula that is used to resolve the fraction of any form of gas molecules that is capable of moving at a given momentum over a given range of temperature. This work of thermodynamics further led him to formulate a fresh and novel experiment called the Maxwell’s demon.

Additionally, he was the initiator of the rule of electromagnetism. This he achieved when he studied the field of the electricity and that of magnetism. This he achieved in the year 1862, when he was teaching at the king’s college. He was competent to compute and found that the rate of propagation of an electromagnetic field is roughly the equivalent to the rate of light. This eventually led to his conclusion that light consist of the transverse ripples of the equivalent standard which is the basis of electric and also the magnetic trend. In his study, he further found out that the equation foretells the continuation of wave of fluctuation of the electric and magnetic fields that move through a vacant space at a rate that can be attained from the estimate of uncomplicated electrical testing. He further introduced the assumption of electromagnetic ground in the comparison of the streak of forces that faraday invented. This quantitative correlation amid light and electromagnetism is considered as the utmost achievements of the 19th century by the discipline of mathematical physics. Further more, in the year 1871, he was proficient to establish the association of the Maxwell’s thermodynamics. This was based on the diverse variables that existed of the thermodynamics.  This motivated him to arrive with the idea of the plaster thermodynamic as sole technique of exploring the stage transitions. This research he was capable of carrying it out in the year 1874.

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Despite the whole excellent things he did in the field of science and also the Christianity sector, he was competent to leave behind a huge legacy. His name is until now a tribute as one of the mainly prominent being on the planet.  This is further palpably displayed when the BBC media regarded him at the spot 91 as one of the greatest eternally existing Britons in the globe.  Besides, his name is still being honored all over the earth in a number of ways. Some of the manner in which he is still being recognized is the Maxwell gap created in the rings of Saturn, the famous James Maxwell construction situated at the Waterloo site of the King’s College in the town of London.  Further more, the legendary player of the keyboard called Moore is on the course of building a magnificent theatre portion on the existence of Maxwell.  


In conclusion, Maxwell will everlastingly be remembered as one of the utmost scientist of his era. Though he was not a brilliant scholar when it came to class effort during his school occasion, he was competent to leave an immense mark in the scientific field. This is revealed by most of his innovations and the constantly novel discoveries he made one following the other in the field of equally physics and also mathematics. Furthermore, apart from him being excessively involved in the field of science he is furthermore devoted to the works of God. This shows that he had a divine side of him, nonetheless he still alleged in science a lot. Regardless, his existence will everlastingly be notable as an immense scientist and besides an apostle.



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