Free Custom «Golan Levin» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Golan Levin» Essay Paper

Golan Levin is one of the new American media artists a performer, composer and an engineer. He had great interest in developing artifacts including events that explore flexible, new modes of reactive look (Tribe & Jana, 2006). In the year 1994, Levin was awarded a self designed bachelors degree in art and design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2002, he attained a master’s degree in media arts at MIT Media lab. Indeed it is good to note that while he was undertaking his degrees or more precisely between his degrees, he worked in the Interval Research Corporation as an interface designer. At Paul Allen’s research institute, he was introduced in the field of interactive new media art by Schott Snibbe, Michael Naimark and Brenda Laurel (Tribe & Jana, 2006).

Golan Levin’s work

Golan Levin came up with artifacts and events which explored flexible and new reactive expression modes. Most of his work focuses mainly on the design of systems for the purpose of manipulation, creation and performances of concurrent image and sound. This is in conjunction with the further general part of an inquiry to a particular formal language of interactivity. He also deals with the non-verbal communications protocols in cybernetic systems. Levin applies inventive twists to digital technologies that bring to light people’s relation with machines. This is facilitated by the digital artifacts and virtual environments that are mostly created with a variety of collaborators (Tribe & Jana, 2006). He makes the ways of interacting with each other visible and further explores the joint of abstract communication and interactivity.
Golan Levin has exhibited his works in many places including Europe, Asia and America. He has not only performed but also lectured widely in these areas. His works have been displayed in places like the new museum of contemporary art, the kitchen, the Whitney biennial, and the Neuberger museum all these located in New York. His work has also been displayed in other parts of the world like in Australia at Ars Electronic in Liz, the NNT intercommunication center in Tokyo Japan, the museum of contemporary Art located at Taipei in Taiwan, zentrum fur kunst and medientechnologie both located in Germany, among several other places in the world. Golan Levin required some funding while working. He got some funding credits from the grants which came from the creative capital, the Pennsylvania council on the arts, the Greenwall foundation, and The New York state council on the arts, arts council England and the Langlois foundation. However, he has been represented by Bitforms gallery in his works at New York (Tribe & Jana, 2006).

Golan Levin’s achievements

Golan Levin’s works are seen as a combination of equal measures of the provocative, the capricious, and the sublime in an extensive range of online and performance media. Golan Levin has many achievements in his linage of work. He is known to be the one behind the conception and creation of the Dialtones: A Telesymphony which came to light in the 2001. This is a concert whose sounds are fully performed through the carefully designed dialing and ringing of the viewers own mobile phones (Wands, 2006). He is also seen as the orchestrator of interactive information visualizations an example, the Secret Lives of numbers launched in 2002 and the Dumpser in 2006 that offers narrative perspectives into great numbers of online communications. Earlier on, Gijon Levin was given an award of distinction for his audiovisual environmental suite in the prix Ars Electronica in the year 2000 (Wands, 2006).

Golan Levin’s other projects

Golan Levis has involved himself in other projects in recent years. Some of the projects include, Re;Mark in 2002, scrapple in 2005, messa di voce in 2003, manual input sessions in 2004, ursonography in 2005, and the developed in collaboration with Zachary Lieberman. It is wise noting that all this installation work employs improved reality technologies to make a multi person actual point visualization that include speech and gestures (Wands, 2006). Golan Levin’s current projects like Opto –Isolator, that was started, in the year 2007 and Double –Taker (Snout), which was started, in 2008 use interactive robotics and machine vision to survey the theme of gaze as the main new mode for human machine communication.

Golan Levin was awarded a distinction in the prix Ars electronic for his good work in the discovery of audiovisual, the environment suite in the year 2000. This is viewed as one of his greatest achievement in his life, and indeed it is. Currently, Golan Levin and collaborator Zachary Lieberman came up with the Re:mark in 2002 which is an interactive installation including the Messa di voce launched in 2003 which is a fresh media performance. All these projects employ augmented reality technologies in the creation of their multi person actual time visualization of their contributors (Wands, 2006). Golan Levin is presently the Director of the Studio that deals with creative inquiry. He is also associated or indeed is a professor of electronic time base Art at the University of Carnegie Mellon. He also has civility appointments in the school of computer science including the school of design at Carnegie Mellon University.


Golan is an American born in the year 1972 and grew up to become an artist, a performer and a composer. He is an engineer who is interested coming up with artifacts including events that particularly look at supple new modes of reactive expressions. He has greatly succeeded in his works and received great honors in his life time that includes receiving an award of distinction for his audiovisual environmental suite in the prix Ars Electronica in the year 2000. Golan Levin’s most current job revolves around interactive robotics, machine version and mostly the theme of gaze as a main most resent mode for human machine communication.



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