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Creation of One?s Own Reality

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An individual creates own reality through one’s thoughts feelings, choices and beliefs. It seems that Miss Brill lives a life of false reality. In my opinion, her real life is one of loneliness and isolation. Her closest companion her fur coat is old and worn out. I think that the coat always stored away in a small box with moth dust (MANSFIELD 72) symbolizes Miss Brill’s life. The coat takes human form when it asks what has been happening (MANSFIELD 72) which is a symbolic representation of how Miss Brill feels deep down inside. It seems that she concentrates more on other people’s lives instead of hers and changing her thoughts and beliefs. The proof is in her remarks on other lonely people she refers to as old and goes on to say that they look like they had just come from dark little rooms (MANSFIELD 73). She does not realize the she is in the same situation. The proof is when she returns home to a small, dark room (MANSFIELD 75).

 I see that symbolism has also been used to settle on Miss Brill’s age. She is as old as her fur coat. It seems that the author employs symbolism throughout to convey the concepts of isolation and loneliness. In addition, the author employs citation from different sections of the source of information to support his ideas. In conclusion, isolation and failure to look at one self contribute largely to the creation of false reality. Creating new, positive perception of everything that surrounds us can help improve one’s lifestyles and help do away with isolation and loneliness. Finally, to change the ability to live one’s life positively, there is the need to examine one’s thoughts and principles in the light of positive thinking.

Buy custom Creation of One?s Own Reality essay paper cheap

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