Free Custom «Councilor Krespol?s Life» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Councilor Krespol?s Life» Essay Paper

When Krespol’s student went to live in H-, he found him to be the oddest man he had ever met. The whole town knew Councilor Krespol as a clever, learned lawyer and a skillful diplomat. He was in the midst of one of the craziest schemes. Krespol had assisted one of the princes of Germany in drawing a memorial that was to be presented to Imperial court for territory claims. The project succeeded and the prince rewarded Krespol by undertaking defray cost of building him a house. Krespol wanted the house built in his garden so he bought all the materials and had them carted out. Without an architect or a plan, he paid an experienced builder to build him a house who was to use the square shaped trenches initially drawn by Krespol. Without the windows, doors and partition walls, the house continued to be built until he ordered them to stop. After a deep thought, he showed them where to put the door and windows.

Krespol’s student arrived at the time when Krespol’s house was being built. He found many people curiously looking at house. When the house was completed, he invited the masters and their wives, journeymen, apprentices and laborers who built the house for a housewarming leaving out his friends and acquaintances. With a violin, he later directed the orchestra until daylight.

On Tuesday the following day, like all other Tuesday’s, he went to professor M’s house for dinner which was served by the professor’s wife. All they talked about was music but when the time to leave came, left with tears in his eyes after professor asked him how Antonia was doing.

The professor told the student how good Krespol was in playing, making violins and buying violins belonging to eminent old masters. The student came to know that Krespol’s arrival in H- was warmly welcomed. One night after being away for a while, a large crowd gathered outside his house to listen to Antonia’s beautiful voice and the music from the piano and the violin. Afterwards, the Councilor started to quarrel with Antonia’s fiancé but a loud scream from the girl calmed the place.

Krespol’s student became acquainted with the Councilor more as he continued receiving lessons. The student started developing some feelings for Antonia and they continued hanging around and chatting more often. One day, the student struck up one of Leonardo Leos beautiful- stirring songs. The change in Antonia’s face and the move towards the piano brought Krespol to his senses and sent away his student after he noticed that he was after her daughter.

The student left that town and two years later, he got an appointment in B-, south of Germany. While travelling, he came across a churchyard with men’s voices chanting a church chorale circling a grave. With tears in his eyes, he moved down the hill. He saw the professor, his niece, a young lady, Councilor Krespor and two mourners returning home after burying Antonia.

On learning that Antonia’s death was caused by his father, the student went to him with fury and threatened him that he would make sure he faced the law. Krespol was cool all along the outburst but he later explained to him how he met her.

Twenty years earlier, Krespor had met a singer called Angela in Venice when she was performing in St. Benedict’s Theatre. They started dating and after a while, they married. Angela’s manners were rugged but Krespol’s climax came when she broke a violin. He threw her out through the window and left. A close friend later confirmed that she changed her behavior after their last fight. Krespor and Angela maintained an active correspondence and Antonia was still growing up. A young composer met and fell in love with Antonia but the night before their marriage, Antonia’s mother died. Krespor went to F- to get Antonia. They hugged, shed tears and was amazed at her remarkable and peculiar timbre. Antonia decided to follow his father and abandoned his boyfriend, B-_, who later followed them to their home in H-. That night, B- played the piano, Krespol played the violin while Antonia sung. Uproar broke up between the two men causing B- to leave the house. Antonia had vowed never to sing again but when Krespol bought a violin and drew the first few notes, she started singing again.

One night, he made out distinctly that B- was playing the piano in the adjoining room. Krespor was unable to move as Antonia continued singing softly. On awakening, he felt the terrible anguish of his dream. He rushed to Antonia’s room and found her lying on the sofa dead.



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