Free Essay Sample «Cohabitation»

Free Essay Sample «Cohabitation»

Cohabitation refers to a situation where two people in an intimate relationship decide to stay together for a long time or permanently. Different people have different reasons why they choose to cohabit. This paper will discuss the disadvantages of cohabitation.

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One of the main disadvantages of cohabitation is that eventually the couple will get tired of each other. Even though been together is wonderful, been together all the time kills the fun. Cohabitation makes people get used to each other’s attention and hence conflicts may arise when one partner wants to spend time alone. Many people end up separating in this kind of arrangement because they feel need that they need their own space (Esther, “The pro’s and con’s of cohabitation”).

The other disadvantage is that it does not guarantee marriag. Some people assume that cohabitation is a stepping stone towards marriage; this may be so in most cases but not in all cases. This may lead to frustration especially if one partner has very high expectations in the relationship. This kind of frustration can lead to cases of infidelity due to the desire to explore new partners. It can also have negative effects on the physical and emotional well being of the person as the relationship can become violent (, Cohabiting: “The good and the bad”).

In cohabiting relationships, the men are less likely to support their women financially as compared to married men. Since most cohabiting couples are not married, the man assumes that the wife will be independent and cater for the needs of the home. This leads to arguments about domestic issues concerning responsibillities in the home. Cohabitation is not able to deliver the same benefits as marriage (Harms, “Research looks at cohabitation’s negative effects”.

I agree with all the materials contained in the three websites. According to interviews with my friends who have been in cohabiting relationships, cohabitation is not the best option. One of my friends got a child from a cohabiting relationship and then the man denied that the child was his. Since they were not married legally, my friend could not get any financial support for the child from him. According to another friend cohabitation makes it hard for a couple to get married afterwards. The couple becomes complacent with their arrangement. This becomes a problem later on when one partner insists on marriage and the other insists that marriage will not change anything.


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