Free Custom «Charles Manson» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Charles Manson» Essay Paper

Charles Manson is a renowned American criminal who was born in the year 1934. He was a co-founder of a gangster group which was named after him. The criminal group was called the Manson Family. Charles Manson was found guilty conspiracy to commit murders at LaBianca which were carried out by member of the Manson Family. The LaBianca murders were committed under Charles Manson’s instructions, orders and co-ordinations. In 1966, he changed the Manson Family into a cult group.

According to historian Andy Koopmans, Charles Manson was one of the most notorious and disreputable serial killers ever seen in the history of America (98). Interestingly, there are no solid evidences that directly linked him to the murders. At one point in time, Charles Manson was tagged the name an icon of evil. Koopmans further argues that even though the American police and other security agencies found that Charles Manson was indubitably connected to numerous killings, there were no reasonable proofs that he carried out the killings himself (163). Charles Manson worked closely with the members of the Manson Family in carrying out his criminal acts. For instance, he and two other gangsters from the Family carried out more than thirty shootings in a single night at Tale.

Early Childhood

American historians believe that Charles Manson was born in November 1934 in a hospital in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio State, United States of America. It is claimed that his mother, Kathleen Maddox, was unmarried at the time of his birth. A few years after his birth, the mother went to stay with William Manson, who happened not to be his biological father. Udo claimed that Manson’s biological father was Mr. Colonel Scott. The real birth names of Manson are Charles Milles Manson (71). Unverified sources claim that Charles Manson’s mother was a heavy drinker, who consistently abused alcohol. This facilitated her misconducts and imprisonments. Wells alleges that she was the one who might have introduced her son, Charles Manson, to drugs, mischievous conducts and the world of crimes (114).

At the age of sixteen, Charles Manson was rejected by his mother after escaping from Gibault School for boys, which is a correctional institution. Charles Manson was placed in Gibault School for boys by an American court.

Adult Life and Marriage

Charles Manson spent almost half of his life in correctional institutions and jail. He was convicted of numerous offences including serial killings and murders and conspiracy. Before starting engagements in criminal activities, Charles Manson was a prominent songwriter with the Beach Boys Band, which was founded by Dennis Wilson.

In late 1968, Charles Manson started the Manson family in collaboration with Wilson and other followers of the Helter Skelter movement. At age nineteen, Charles Manson was paroled from jail. When he went back home to his mother, he opted to marry a waitress who was working in a nearby hotel.

During his lifetime, Charles Manson got married to two wives, Rosalie Jean Willis and Candy Stevens, also known as Leona. His first wife was Rosalie Willis who bore him one son whom they named Charles Manson Junior. However, in 1958, Rosalie divorced Manson for his misconducts and frequents imprisonments. Charles Manson then remarried Candy Leona Stevens as a second wife. Candy Stevens also bore him one son called Charles Luther Manson, but they soon separated when Charles Manson was arrested and jailed. According to Bugliosi and Gentry, Charles Manson used to support his family through part-time jobs and earnings received from thefts (208).

Convictions and Offences

Charles Manson was convicted of a variety of offences including murders, membership to a gangster group as well as recording of cultic songs. He was also convicted of conspiracy during the killings at the Tale. In 1969, Charles Manson sentenced to death. However, his death sentence was lifted and commuted to life imprisonments immediately after the Supreme Court of California eliminated death sentences from its justice systems. Just a year after his first marriage to Rosalie Willis, Charles Manson was charged for stealing a car and taking the vehicle across state lines.

Charles Manson did his first offence when he was found guilty by a Californian court for committing burglary in a grocery store. He then committed other several burglaries in different stores which made him to be placed in The Boys Town, a correctional center. He finally managed to escape from The Boys Town after a few days, escaping with two other boys. The trio then formed a criminal group and committed numerous armed robberies. At age 13, Manson was forced to attend the Indiana Boys School. However, he later escaped from the school claiming that he was brutalized and sexually assaulted. He did not, however, have any proof for his claims of assaults.

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Furthermore, he also sent some members of his Manson family to murder Hinman Gary. Manson was targeting the money that Gary must have inherited from his parents. He also directed Manson family members Watson, Atkins and Kasabian to murder and destroy the house of Melcher. Moreover, he directed the murder of Leno LaBianca and his wife, a wealthy supermarket owner who was living in Waverly Drive, Los Angeles. According to Gibson, for several months, the American police were not able to identify and arrest those who were responsible for the murders (270). However, through thorough investigations, Charles Manson and other members of the Manson Family were arrested and tried in mid 1970. He was then sentenced to death on March 1971 after being found guilty of the murders.


In 1951, Charles Manson was imprisoned in a minimum security correctional institution after a psychiatric who was examining him recommended the same. Just a year after his imprisonment, Charles Manson was found sodomizing a boy in the prison with threats of chopping off his neck with a razor blade. After that incidence, Charles Manson was then transferred to Petersburg in Virginia because he was considered a dangerous man and a threat to the wellbeing of other inmates. In the same year, he was again transferred to Federal Reformatory Centre at Chillicothe, Ohio, which was considered more safe and secure. Today, Charles Manson is serving a life imprisonment at the Corcoran Prison, California.

Social Modeling

Immediately after his release from prison in 1967, Charles Manson started attracting many followers with whom he moved to Southern California. He became a great model to people with criminal minds after developing a racist philosophy. In his philosophy, Charles Manson prophesized the possibility of violent eruptions of inter-racial wars during the summer of 1969.

He stated that Blacks would fight giants white people through repulsive and dreadful attacks. According to Biographiq, Charles Manson believed that he and members of the Manson Family would avoid the violence by hiding in the Spahn Ranch which was located in Death Valley (39). Charles Manson had good interpersonal and influential skills. He developed his philosophies on Helter Skelter by gathering information from various religions.

Antisocial Personality

Charles Manson developed his antisocial personality traits right from his childhood. In my opinion, he had little or no respect to the rights of other people in the society. He disregarded individual feelings, rules and laws. That’s why he was capable of stealing from stores, killing innocent persons as well as sodomizing inmates. He frequently violated the rights of other people and could not live harmoniously with his family. Charles Manson was frequently convicted of robbery, murders and rape. For example, he ordered the killing of nine people in late 1969. In my view, this was a great disgrace to humanity.

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Furthermore, he depicted obstructive personality traits and characters attributed to cult religions. He also used hallucinogenic drugs that distorted his normal thinking. Charles Manson’s involvement in serial killings of prominent and wealthy persons between 1960s and 1970s in the United States of America clearly reflects his misdemeanors and social delinquencies.



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