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Chamber Player Series by Culture Shock

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The Culture Shock’s Chamber Player series was an amazing experience. Directed by Robert Davidovici, the FIU chambers presented Ida Bieler. Ida is a renowned violinist and is a German-American. She performed three partitas by J.S. Bach for the solo violin and the great “Chacconne”.

When the first piece was introduced, I personally predicted it to be boring at first. It was the three Patitas by J.S. Bach and was performed by Ida Bieler. It was a bit slow while I am attracted to fast bits. However, it kept getting better as it progressed. The instrument was well played accompanied by a great voice. What I loved most, was the harmonious beats, though I thought it would have been done better than that. It, however, was generally a good performance.

The second performance, great “Chaconne”, is what made my evening. It is a special kind with the continuity of themes and variations. What I liked most about it is that it normally entailed the use of a short subject and four measures that were persistently repeated and varied throughout the performance. Though it is a slow dance, it was very exciting and I felt like it was a Spanish dance. Everything about it was just good - from its starting, the harmonic rhythm from the piano, guitar, violin, and orchestra to the fantastic ending.

Having said all this, there was much to enjoy. It was an appealing experience; it was delightful not only for anyone who was already familiar with such life-affirming concertos, but also for the pianists and those who were exploring them for a first time. The arrangements were perfectly accompanied by amazing voices. It was a two hours period well spent and an event that was worth the pricing. I cannot resist attending another concert by this group the next time they will be performing.

Buy custom Chamber Player Series by Culture Shock essay paper cheap

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