Free Custom «Australian Life style» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Australian Life style» Essay Paper

There are many things in the world that impact on the life of an individual. These are the concepts that have brought about the change in human nature and its operation. In Australia, there are variances of things that affect the lives of the people in one way or the other. First and foremost, culture is one of these things that have been proved to influence on the lives of the Australians. This refers to the way people take their beliefs and respond to natural phenomena. It is attested to vary from one set of people to another. The second thing is that of education (Laker 2002, 45). This refers to the nature and methodologies that people get exposed to the new knowledge in their lives. It varies from one set of people to another. Moreover, it has been proved to influence the behaviours of the Australian people. The third thing that affects the people of Australia is sports. These are concepts of entertainment that have been declared official. It has affected the nature and the way people of Australia behave both within the country and also outside (Honeybourne, Hill & Moors 2004, 65).

Topic sentence: there are different kinds of culture among the people of Australia:

The people are the first kind of culture in the country: The country’s original inhabitants as the aboriginals

Are the custodians of the country’s cultural traditions

Variances of Australia’s musical instruments

The patterns of geographical distributions are amazing

Australia’s patterns of seasons and their change

Summer, winter, spring and autumn (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2005, 32)

Topic Sentence: there are various ways that culture has affected the lives of the indigenous people in the country.

People exemplify a state of shared values

People are influenced to think and act traditionally without fear

Citizens are law abiding and portray some kind of conformism in their lives (Honeybourne, Hill & Moors 2004, 65)

People are regarded open and informal, and they directly say what they mean.

Topic sentence: sporting activities are of varied categories.

The country boast of being among the best in the world of rugby among others (Kirk, Kiss & Burgess-Limerick 2004, 69)

The country calls for diversity in the various disciplines

Sporting is taken a profession among citizens

Topic sentence: sports and sporting activities have various influences on the lives of the indigenous people.

It is a source of income to the people hence transformed lives

Sporting culture has developed

People have upheld unity and love for one another due to participation in the sporting activities (Laker 2002, 45)

Topic Sentence: the education systems in the Australian government are of great influence to the citizens who live in the country and also those who live oversee.

Educational requirements are a necessity to the live of every Australian citizen.

Education is the source of livelihood for many people who want to excel in life (Zeigler 1988, 12.

The national office of oversee skills recognition relates the national and the international skills for the betterment of the indigenous people.

The nature of the education system is dynamic, innovative and progressive; hence most of the people have been able to diversify in their learning.



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