Free Custom «An American Man at the Age of Sixteen» Essay Paper

Free Custom «An American Man at the Age of Sixteen» Essay Paper

John Smith is a sixteen-year-old teenage man who lives in the suburbs of California. He is a well build white young man with strong muscles. Additionally, he has a broad chest due to the several workouts in the gym. Smith has a pointed nose from the genes in the side of his father and blonde hair from the genes he has inherited from his mother. Moreover, the blonde hair he has is long. He has not yet started to grow any chest hair but he has beards growing on his chin. In addition, he is developing sideburns. He can be easily identified from a multitude of people because of the muscle t-shirts he likes wearing to show off his muscles and the long blonde hair, which is ever on a new, unique, style distinct from the rest of the boys.

Currently, Smith is living with his parents Judith and Mike, his sister Ruth and his brother Joseph. His parents are a bit wealthy making them able to afford to live in Bakersfield suburbs. Their house can be recognized from far due to the towering artifacts that decorate the front yard and the neatly done flower garden with beautiful flowers. Additionally, their parents have been able to take him to Graces Memorial High School, which is near their home.

In school, Smith is a higher than the average student in all the subjects, but most of the time he has a distinction in mathematics. His ambition is to become a qualified accountant so that he can take care of his fathers business. Lately, his grades have started deteriorating due to the numerous amount of time he spends in other activities. For instance, he is the school quarter back in the football team. Despite being a junior, Smith has been able to attain majority of the votes as the football player of the year. Therefore, he has to spend a lot of time in practicing and at the school gym. As a result, it has contributed to his grades starting to flop.

As a young teenage in his prime, he has developed several emotions. He has become sexually active, and most of the time; he spends time preparing himself so that he can appear attractive to the girls. In school, he does not associate himself with the nerds or boys of his age but seniors on the school football team. This has led to the improvement of his social status and the chances of attracting more girls. Recently, he got a girlfriend, Becky, who is a cheerleader. Although Becky is older than Smith, this has improved his social status in school. He has been able to achieve the dream of every teenager of his age.

Smith is still a virgin, but he is under pressure from his friends, who claim that they have done it. At this age, Smith is aware of the many consequences of having sex. He is knowledgeable in identifying the different feelings that he is experiencing. On the other hand, he does not have the capability to make a decision on whether it is the right moment to have sex or not. Additionally, he does not know whether Becky loves him for real or because he is the best quarter back in school. At this stage, Smith knows how to use protection and the different contraceptives incase something wrong happens. The only problem is that he is not mature enough to make such a decision. However, in the upcoming school prom, Smith and Becky are planning to do it.

Therefore, Smith spends the morning part of the day in school and the other part in the football field practicing with the team. Lastly, before he goes home, he spends some time with his new girlfriend taking walks, reading, and sometimes making out. He often receives invites to parties over the weekends due to the social status he has acquired in the football team. Therefore, he sneaks out at night because his parents do not approve of this and goes to the party. Currently, he is drinking due to peer pressure from his friend. As an average teenage of his age, Smith is living the life of an American man in California at the age of sixteen years.



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