Free Custom «The United States Constitution» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The United States Constitution» Essay Paper

The premier law in the United States of America is the Constitution. All the other laws are formed from the constitution. It suggests how the government should operate. It even forms the Presidency, the congress and the Supreme Court. Each of the States has a constitution but the constitution of the United States is superior.

The constitution can be altered which is known as the amendment. Amongst the amendments is a list of the people rights. These are made unique after they are listed. The government cannot infringe those rights as it would be termed illegal. There have been 27 amendments up till now but not all include the rights. The Bill of Rights was the first ten amendments and they are very special.


The United States Constitution is nearly 200 years old as it was written in 1787 by a group of men famously known as Framers. They discussed for nearly two months as to what should be written in the Constitution. At that time United States was a new country and the government at that time was not performing as expected. The Framers met to figure out a new way to run the country. This meeting is famously known as The Convention and some of the famous framers whom we know today are George Washington, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin.


When the writing of the Constitution was finished, the Framers had an idea that what they have written is not perfect. They knew that as time goes by people may have better ideas for the Constitution. They did not want the changes to be too hard to make or too easy.

The framers included the amendment process. With this process new governments can change the constitution or even add something new to it. Some people were against the idea to alter the constitution. One main reason being the Bill of rights which were not included. The Bill of rights is the rights which people have. The government cannot break them. Some of these rights include the right to remain silent when you are being arrested, the right to practice religion and free speech.

The original constitution did not include the bill of rights as many believed it is not needed but the promised by using the process of amendment. In 1791 out of the twelve changes sent to the states ten were agreed upon and added to the Constitution. These ten alternations are known as the Bill of Rights. (Packard, Ashley, 24)

The last amendment was made in 1992 which was the 27th. A couple of important ones are discussed below.


Most of the black people living in the United States were slaves when the constitution was being written. As time went by people began to realize that slavery is wrong. The northern states of the country wanted slavery to end while the southern part wanted to continue with slavery as they were afraid that they will loose business as slaves would pick crops and also they could sell them if the price was right.

When Abraham Lincoln was elected as the President, many of the southern states broke away from the United States and called themselves the Confederate States of America as they knew Lincoln is against slavery and wants it to be abolished. This break away led to a brutal civil war which claimed many lives. When the war ended, something good happened as Slavery was abolished with the 13th Amendment. The next amendment in 1868 said that whoever is born in the United States will be called a full citizen no matter what the color of his skin is. Then the Black people were allowed to vote when the 15th Amendment was made in 1870. 

The changes helped to protect freedom of the people. It did however take a long time for the perception of the people to change as many people did not like Black people for a long time. Currently almost all are able to accept each other no matter what the color of their skin is.


For a long time men were allowed to shape the county not because women could not help it was just they did not want to help at that moment. The power positions were held by men. They were the members of congress and also the presidents; they were owners of the companies. There was not much for women to progress in life. Women were only allowed to take care of the homes but now they have a choice.

At that time the women had no part to play either in politics or in the government. Most men did not want women to vote in election but that all changed with the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920 which stated that women do have a right to vote.

Now women are playing an active part in politics and in the government. Prior to this amendment the men did not care what women think because they had to voice which is why they could not play an active part in politics but that all changed with the capability to vote. Things became interested as many women ran for office. There has not been a women President as yet but you never know.

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The United States Constitution is well written and the proposed changes were helpful to the people. Some people may disagree with the constitution but I personally feel that the US constitution is for the good of the people.



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