Free Essay Sample «The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict»

Free Essay Sample «The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict»

(Analysis of Benjamin Schwarz?s article titled, ?Will Israel live to 100??) Introduction The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been on-going for a very long time. It dates back to the colonial rule when Palestine was still under the Ottoman and British rule. Many people have come up with different analysis of this conflict and the possible reasons as to why it continues to date and what might happen in the future. One such analysis is the article by Benjamin Schwarz titled ?Will Israel live to 100?? In this article, Benjamin argues that in the near future, the Arab population in Israel (Palestinians) will take over control of Israel owing to the fact that their population growth rate is higher. This paper seeks to analyze the analysis by Benjamin. The paper will tend to disagree with his point of view in as far as the conflict goes. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Benjamin?s point of view In the article, Benjamin argues that the Palestinian-Zionist conflict is rooted and remains vexed by land and demographics.

The writer has a major point in the argument he lays forward. He notes and asserts that the ratio of the Palestinians to the Jews in the Gaza strip which is one of the main lands in contention remains to be 150 to 1. This is a big margin especially for people in conflict. This rate is ever increasing by the day and it may seem that in the near future, the entire Jewish community ma be wiped out by the Palestinian community. Former Palestinian leader, Yasir Arafat, is on record as having stated that ?the Palestinians best weapon is the womb?. This seems to be the basis of Benjamin?s argument and he seems to have capitalized on it. Arafat?s argument and Benjamin?s support for it holds some water, the next few paragraphs, however, will refute the argument by pointing out arguments that will be to the contrary. Although the Palestinian community is by the day gaining the advantage in number, this might prove to be their greatest disadvantage. In many countries in the world, an increase in population has proved to be a major setback to the development of the nation and a catalyst to the epidemics facing the nation.

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Already, many Palestinian nationals have migrated to Israel in search of jobs and better employment opportunities. The Palestinians might not realize this but this works a great deal to Israel?s advantage. By providing cheap labor for the Israelis the Palestinians are developing the nation. A developed nation stands a higher chance of winning a war than an under developed nation. Diseases also spread rapidly in an overpopulated area. This will soon be the case in Palestine, rapid spread of diseases will weaken the forces and they will not stand a great chance against the Israelis. Apart from the population and demographics, Israel also enjoys great support from the international community. The United Nations Security Council which is primarily controlled by the five permanent member states has often ruled in favor of Israel. This proves the point that, in the event that a major catastrophe has ensued between Israel and Palestine, the international community is likely to come in favor of Israel, as it has done in many occasions,. Palestine on the other hand, enjoys support from the Arabian countries and many other Islamic states. The numbers in this case arte against the Arabs and the Islamic states. Owing to the fact that many countries will back Israel, many of these countries are likely to back down. History also is against this kind of alliance as not so many years ago, the Arab League (whose primary function was to defeat Israel) was defeated by only Israel. The third point is the fact that Israel?s army is well trained and equipped (Shlomo; 2006). Late in 2008, the Israeli government warned the Palestinians over the killings in Gaza. They went further and instructed that the killings have to stop. Having failed to comply with the instructions issued, the Israeli government went a step further and deployed its military in the area. Within the first two days, over 200 Palestinian civilians were reported dead.

Although this is not a fact to smile about or take pride in it goes to prove a point, that in the event that push comes to shove, the Israeli government will take all necessary precautions to protect their people and territory. The Israeli military is one of the most feared in the world; it is capable of causing a massacre in an area within a very short time especially when it comes to matters regarding the protection of their people. Conclusion In my view, Benjamin has very strong points in his analysis. The article is however skewed to one side and it does not bear and consider all the facts as they are. He has failed to look in-depth at the capability of the Israeli military; he also left out the works of the international community in as far as the conflict goes. What Benjamin might have overlooked which is very important in his argument, are the disadvantages of a rapidly increasing population and the effects it has on a county?s capability in war. So, will Israel live to 100? I strongly think it will.


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