Free Custom «Should There Be a Death Penalty» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Should There Be a Death Penalty» Essay Paper
Death penalty is considered to be the highest form of punishment for crime perpetrators. There are different crime offenses that are being punished with death penalty such as murder among others. It has been consistently held by the Constitution that murder should be punished by death sentence. However, it is very seldom that one could find a criminal sentenced to death by committing non-murder offense. In such a case death penalty is very controversial enough when imposed on murder offense (Templewood, 55). Many are trying to persuade the makers of the Constitution and of the laws to abolish death penalty because of the human rights provision of the right to live. However, it cannot be denied that the rights of the people, be it in the freedom of expression or of the context of the human rights, are not absolute.
Meaning to say, since rights are not absolute the state has the right to bar or intervene in such circumstances where the rights of another person or of a third party is being negated or offended. Hence, death penalty is the right answer to the long time problem of lawlessness not just in the United States of America but in all parts of the world. Body It cannot be denied that the main contention for the imposition of death penalty I the standard of morality and decency which the society is very strict about. Aligning the current political stand on death penalty into the standard of decency will only express negative reactions on death penalty. Tracing back the barbaric ruling of the olden time, criminals and offenders of the society were punished of death penalty.
However, as early as 1978 the imposition of death penalty was moved to be abolished because of the question of morality and decency. But then again, it must be remembered that criminals proliferate because of the lack of strong punishment. Death penalty is but an indication that the government and the society will not tolerate criminal acts and violators of the law. Death penalty will remind the people that the government is serious in punishing perpetrators of crimes. Children are vulnerable and a strict punishment for those who will violate the rights of the former must be seriously dealt with so as for other people to think twice before committing offenses (Hooper, 110). One of the notable criminal cases that America has faced is that of Patrick Kennedy. Patrick Kennedy was set to die by way of death penalty upon conviction of child rape beyond reasonable doubt. The 8-year old stepdaughter of Kennedy was raped by the latter in their home in New Orleans. Upon investigation, Kennedy was proven guilty and was sentenced with death penalty by the court. There are many individuals that are lined-up in the death chamber because of murder offenses; Kennedy is simply one of the few who have been sentenced to die because of child rape and non-murder offense. It must be remembered that death penalty is being sentenced to those who have committed grave abuse and criminal offense of the highest level, murder as such. Imagine this situation that totally and completely violated a child.
If death penalty will not be imposed, many criminals will follow the same path. It can be simply adduced that when people saw that some criminal offenders can literally escape from a punishment they deserve or when a person was only punished with imprisonment for raping a child which later on can be pardoned, life for the criminals are easier. They can easily get away with the crimes as if they have fewer liabilities.


With all the foregoing, it cannot be denied that death penalty should be imposed in order to tell to the society that the government is really serious in eradicating crimes. In order to protect the society, stringent measures and harsher policies must be implicated to the violators to set an example to other people contemplating of committing crimes.



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