Free Custom «Self-Evaluation Paper Based on Abortion» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Self-Evaluation Paper Based on Abortion» Essay Paper

From the way I understand abortion, it is not a healthy practice unless it is for medical purposes especially to safe life. Abortion has a definition as the process of termination of pregnancy from the uterus prior to viability of delivery. Some countries have legalized the process abortion like some states of America. This negatively contributes to indirect murder of the unborn denying them a chance to live. Perhaps if your other aborted, where can you be? Abortion is a non-ethical practice in most of the traditional societies regarded as an act geared towards prostitution, which is a taboo. This is evident from statistics from California that show in 2008, about 30% of the commercial prostitutes, have aborted or assisted somebody to abort. Abortion hit my conscience after reading a story from the times magazine last year about a woman who aborted after disagreement with the husband. The woman finally died becase of the act of abortion. The question behind this is; what is the benefit behind the abortion whether in good or bad terms with the father of the inborn?

I am addressing this information to women who are in the age of giving birth and the governments and organization that support abortion. The religious community does not support as the Bible describes anybody who takes away the life of another as cursed. One of the Christian Ten Commandments is ‘don’t kill anybody’ as the sixth commandment. This is evidence that everybody has a right to live. The world health organization (WHO) explains unsafe abortion as the one performed by unskilled person. Most of the deaths of women arise from unhealthy methods of terminating pregnancy. Some studies indicate that breast cancer is associated with abortion. The delayed development of breasts leaves some cells that are immatture and are cancer prone. Despite legalizing of abortion by the government of the United States, I advise women to think twice before dragging themselves into the act.

Abortion is just a process of committing murder to the unborn babies. Murder is the process of taking away somebody’s life deliberately. Abortion is a common practice to very willing women who avoid the responsibility of taking care of children.

Abortion is a non-ethical process amongst the traditional societies. The history of traditional societies expresses any act of prostitution as a cursed person. History reveals abortion is a taboo. In African traditional societies, a woman who commits the offence pays a fine in form goats.

Am planning to conduct some extra research to come up with facts about abortion in most world societies.


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