Free Custom «NYPD Police Brutality» Essay Paper

Free Custom «NYPD Police Brutality» Essay Paper

Raymond Kelly is a New York City police commissioner who has been the face of prototypical police officer in the U.S. After years of success in controlling crime rates in the country, Mr. Kelly has been under tumultuous times thanks to confrontations and troubled episodes. This is a critique paper about the leadership qualities of Raymond Kelly based on three articles discussing his leadership roles. The paper will start by summarizing each of the articles and describing how the author is justified in his arguments.  

Raymond W. Kelly, formerly a senior MD of global corporate Security at Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. served at the U.S. custom service managing an agency with 20,000 employees. He had assumed numerous and successful roles prior to joining the police force. The NYPD veteran had served in 25 different commands posts prior to being appointed as commissioner of police. He was appointed to the NYPD in the year 1963, joined a commission to the US Marine Corps Officer Program. He has made an active military tour in Vietnam and later back to the police department in 1966 and entered the NYPD. He graduated with the highest combined average for all the faculties in his class (NYPD New York Finest).

Commissioner Kelly has been the police commissioner of the New York Police Department (NYPD) since 2002 (second tenure). He is the first person to hold the office for the second tenure consecutively and separately. He is credited for being responsible for the creation of the first bureau of counterterrorism in the municipal police in NY and the first ever in any other country. He established the new global intelligence program with detectives in 11 foreign cities. Under his tenure, the crime rate has dropped by 40% from the year 2001 levels. He also established a Real Time Crime Centre, a facility that mines data from computers and leads it in to the hands of the detectives for investigations (Ray Kelly).

Article One

Despite the extensive background, he is known as a crime fighter and a terrorism expert. He is still a prototypical police officer. In those years of success, the work has not been always smooth. His tenure has been involved in troublesome scenarios and misconducts; some perpetrated by him and others by his officers through his directives.   These include the fixing of the traffic tickets, guns’ running and civilian disparaging on Facebook and other social networks. The department has been accused of encouraging the questioning of the minority. His son was accused of rape although no charges were filed. In another episode, which he said, concerned him, an officer killed an unarmed 18 year old person suspected of drug dealing. He was in the midst of a controversial film that poised the American Muslims as extremists (The Third Jihad-displayed to more than a thousand officers). He apologized saying it “should not have been shown” to the police officers; which may indicate that the mistake was not in the content but in showing it to the officers.  

Recently, February 2012, there was an escalating criticism of the methods of surveillance adopted by the department. These include the monitoring of the Muslims in NY as well as outside, stop-and-frisk interactions as a tool of fighting crime, which are focused on the black and the Latin Americans. He cited the 2001 terrorism attack in the defense and justification of his actions. This same day, he was quoted in the news saying that he will not apologize for carrying out his civilian duty. The article seeks to highlight the growing concerns and increasing scandals plus the use of the authoritarian power demised on him and the possible impacts on his once high held status.

The article uses naturalistic observations and other articles from the media. The article seeks to unravel the hidden black sports in the shining profile of the NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly (The New York Times).      

Article Two

The article is presented in the form of petition that is being circulated by a Students’ organization. The article aims to drive attention to the increasing number of human right abuses and leadership failure of the NYPD. The article cited the stop-and-frisk operation tools which target mostly the blacks and Latin American New Yorkers. It also aims at emphasizing the growing tendency to survey the Muslims and student groups in the universities and colleges. This is seen in the eyes of the public as discrimination since the operations target mostly the Muslims, the Black society and the people of South American origin. The article, therefore, calls for Raymond Kelly to resign. This is so since his leadership seems to encourage the act. The article uses the statistical observations as well as the naturalistic observations. It cites the growing number of stop-and-frisks hitting the highest of all times in the year 2010 of 600, 051. This is an increase from 97,296 back in the year 2001. The article cites an investigation by the Associated Press which shows the NYPD in collaboration with the other security agencies assuming the central role in the fight against terrorism. This has as well seen the leader Commissioner Kelly increase the rivalry between the security agencies such as FBI.  These include surveillance, mapping of the Muslim communities in NY, New Jersey and Long Island. The article calls for integrity leadership, equality and the protection of rights for all New York residents. It calls for the resignation of Commissioner Kelly and his deputy Browne (Jadaliyya).

Article Three

At another instant, the NYPD boss after his first appointment yielded to pressure from African American Community leaders to recruit more black officers. He embarked on that recruitment strategy. This included a campaign for marketing in the black neighborhood as well as the churches. This was done in order to trigger animosity among the other officers especially the whites and could as well result to court petition (Barkan and Byjak, 2011).   

Leadership Profile

From the above articles, it is clear that the path of the NYPD boss has been on merit bases. Ray Kelly has endured the hardships of growing in an average family and starting off a career at the lowest level only to rise to the top. Prior to his appointment, he held various senior positions; an indication of leadership attributes. He seems to switch from one leadership position to a bigger one with more responsibilities smoothly. Graduating at the top of his class on joining the NYPD demonstrated his capabilities to be above average. However, with zeal and determination that characterize his leadership, his bruising style has resulted to some animosities among the agencies mandated with the terrorism fight. He has as well crossed many legal lines in order to complete the tasks he is being mandated.

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In spite of the stars in his profile, Ray Kelly has been accused of various misconducts. His effort and devotion to reform the police department has made him be caught up in the cross road with the public interests and regulations. From his profile, it can be deduced that the police boss is a daring leader who will do anything to meet the requirement of his duties. He is reported to have encouraged the policy of public surveillance and the stop-and-frisk operation tools. This is done in spite of the fact that it is the violation of the human rights act. Statistics has indicated that despite the large number of stop-and-frisk operations, the number of arrests that are made using the method is very low; 0.13% of last year and only 7% overall average. This renders the need for such operations irrelevant.

His stubborn nature is highlighted when he refused to apologize despite the call from various stakeholders to do so. He seems convinced of the impacts of his actions and works on “the end justifies the mean” strategy. When reached for a comment on the issue of human right violation, he cites the ignorance of people by reminding them of the 2001 terrorism attack.

However, there is a glimpse of compliance in his profile. Upon his first instatement as the police commissioner, he yielded from the pressure from the black community leaders to facilitate the employment of more black officers.   

From the above said, it is clear that Raymond Kelly possesses leadership qualities that have been helpful in causing the reduction in crime rates in the NY City. However, there is a big question on the credibility and the legalism of the methods that he uses to curb crime and terrorism. Better still, can the violation of human rights be justified by the achievements? It is important to come up with ways of protecting the residents without violating and discriminating them. Ray Kelly should, therefore, pave his way to a leader who observes the human rights and the legislation.       



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