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New and Old Punishment in Connecticut

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Connecticut has been known for its application of judicial execution on those who commit a crime. Many of its citizens have been put to death for crimes since the seventeenth century. The state has made history by enacting laws that promote the rituals of execution on everyone who commits an offence regardless of gender, race, class, tribe or religion. In the twenty first century, rowdy children in Connecticut aged sixteen and above risked death penalty. Thieves faced harsh treatment. The law stipulated that first-time offenders were to be branded, second-time offenders whipped and third-time offenders were to be killed. The penalties were very steep for those who committed the crime of stealing on Sunday because their ears were chopped off. Thus, the punishment was aimed at discouraging bad behavior. However, this law was criticized as harsh and inhuman.

Currently, capital punishment is imposed on those who are guilty of capital offenses in Connecticut. Following the intervention by the U.S Supreme Court on the execution law, Connecticut has established the Department of Correction to assist inmates. Moreover, the state has acquired lethal injection as a method of execution. Nevertheless, children who are below eighteen years of age are protected by the Constitution and cannot be executed, if they commit a crime. However, some criminal offenses are serious and the offender should only be punished by death such as homicide offence. Consequently, the society will appreciate the justice system and feel relieved, if sanction is imposed on the criminal. Connecticut has amended its law and currently, the status, age and the seriousness of an offence is analyzed before conviction. For instance, juveniles are not tried as adults since their courts have been set in place to deal with their offences. Capital punishment can be said to assess moral value since it is a correction measure unlike the judicial execution.

Buy custom New and Old Punishment in Connecticut essay paper cheap

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