Free Custom «Labor Laws» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Labor Laws» Essay Paper

Labor laws cover the numerous anthologies of constitutional laws, legal standards and administrative rulings that cater for all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. The department of labor, which is an established administrative authoritarian body for service law, subsists on both the state and federal level. This laws covers for claims such as: - employment discrimination matters, worker’s compensation and unemployment compensation. Furthermore, the safety and standards, pensions and retirement, and fair wages are a constituent of this enormous legal portion (Roughton and Crutchfield 2007). Generally, this law takes care of responsibilities and constitutional rights of both the employer and the employee.

As much as they are illegal immigrants, these workers have played a very essential role in resuscitating the economy. They have been working under hazardous situations earning meager wages and without protective garments yet they have acted in response to a nationwide precedence to rebuild the New Orleans city, which was destroyed by the hurricane. Under the federal regulation, these illegal immigrants are presented with identical safety and health protections as certified employees (Wang 1995). Therefore, they should be treated fairly and work in conditions favoring efficient proceeding of their duties.

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The duty of protecting worker’s rights is fundamentally placed in the hands of the federal government. The laws passed and enacted such as the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Act covers for all the employers and employees without discrimination. Therefore, as an employee of the federal government with the responsibility of ensuring proper working conditions and the general well-being of the employees, regardless of their migration status, the inspector should report the to the required department in order to rectify the working conditions encountered by the employees. Thus, the inspector should consider the circumstances under which the immigrant is before reporting his suspicion to the U.S. immigration and customs enforcement agency (Schneid 2006). In the case of New Orleans’ immigrants, the inspector should not report to the enforcement agency but instead, should contact the labor department.

The inspection of the working conditions of workers to ensure proper standards should be carried out without discrimination. As much as the inspection would be prompted by an illegal immigrant’s call, the fundamental idea of ensuring safety and proper working environment for both the employer and the employee should be the foremost concern of the inspector. For that reason, the inspection should be carried out according to the law and the issue of illegal immigration should be considered later after checking the circumstances that led to immigration.


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