Free Custom «King Rodney» Essay Paper

Free Custom «King Rodney» Essay Paper

In 1991, King Rodney hit the headlines of the United States. King Rodney had been beaten severely by the police. Rodney survived severe blows and kicks on his body and head that nearly killed him. From this event, four police officers were arrest  and charged for assault. However, the jury in this case later released  the accused officer with the reason that the evidence submitted in court was not enough. This is one of the cases where justice was not well served. In this paper, I shall summarize the fateful event that happened to King Rodney on the march 2, 1991.

Summary of the incident

On the 2nd of March, 1991, King Rodney went to watch football among other friends. They drank alcohol while watching the game until late hours in the night before they decided to drive off. Rodney took the role to drive the car while his two friends were  in the back sit. As they drove along San Fernando Valley area in Los Angeles, an LAPD police patrol spotted the vehicle and commanded the driver to pull over. King Rodney did not stop the car because he feared to be taken in due to his previous conviction on robbery.

The police did not back off. The chase heightened as the police involved more cars and a helicopter. After a while, the police caught up with him. The police order the passengers to come out of the car. While his two friends complied, King Rodney hesitated to come out of the car. He later walked out murmuring and throwing his arms in the air. He was asked to lie on the ground by one of the officers who thought he had a gun. Rodney was not fast to follow orders, instead he behaved in a way to suggest that he was drunk. The leader Koon ordered other officers to handcuff Rodney. However, Rodney continually became stubborn.

A few moments later showed that King Rodney was not ready to comply. Koon then ordered the officers to back off. He fired a Taser that targeted Rodney’s back. He then fired again at him, which made King Rodney fall to the ground. The Taser reacted on Rodney as he groaned while on the ground for a while. Rodney stood up and attempted to move towards one of the officers. Koon ordered that King Rodney be handcuffed, which was done by five police officers.

A video record was taken by a man who heard the noise from his apartment. Although the distance was considerably far, the video showed the happenings as the police started to beat Rodney. According to the video, several police hit King Rodney with their metal batons for several minutes. Some of the blows and kicks targeted King’s head, which is against the law. All this beating was done in the presence of over 20 LAPD police officers with lighting from the helicopter. After the beating, Rodney was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

The video record later appeared on news. As a result, King Rodney’s case became well known. The case was presented to the judges in Los Angeles with four police being charged with assault. Despite the evidence of the video tape, the jury did not find the accused police guilty. As a result, the police were acquitted. The defenders of the police said that the beating of the police was justified as Kin Rodney had resisted arrest.

This case destroyed the image of Los Angeles Police department. Many people protested against the judgment given by the juries in the case. After the final judgment, a riot rose in the town which left 54 people dead, and 7,000 injured. The beating of King Rodney is one of the cases that ignite issues of justice in the United States. When all is put t rest, the remaining question is, was justice served in this case? 



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