Free Custom «In Trouble with the Law» Essay Paper

Free Custom «In Trouble with the Law» Essay Paper

According to Douglas Engelhard, the rate at which an individual matures is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate. In my opinion, I consider myself to be someone who does not easily get embarrassed. Obviously, everyone has at one point in time has had a fairly good day that turns out to have unexpected occurrences. The reality is that most people go through embarrassing moments, only to look back and laugh at them, since the embarrassing moments no longer have any effect on them. Being in trouble with the law could be embarrassing and frightening especially when it involves the police, but the lesson learnt from the experience turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

A couple of years ago, I went through an embarrassing occurrence. It happened on a Tuesday when as usual, I arrived at work on time. To my surprise, my boss decided to allow me to go home earlier than usual, since work was slow, on that particular day. Apparently, I had never driven back home at 3 pm before. No wonder I did not anticipate that there would be a traffic hold up. I drove through the 15 South Freeways and began my way home.

All of a sudden, a police car followed me from no where. Meanwhile, a song by Britney Spears was playing on my radio so loud, that I could not hear what was happening around. Due to the loud music, I was not in a position of hearing the ongoing siren. Furthermore, being a very hot and sunny day, I could not notice the turned on lights on the police car. Consequently, I kept on driving oblivious of the fact that the police car was still behind me, with the siren on. Of course, this was a little bit absurd.

At first, I thought that there was an accident ahead, necessitating the traffic jam. This convinced me that it could be the reason as to why the police car kept on moving forward. However, on turning off the radio after some time, I noticed that the siren was still on. It was at this point that I knew something must have been amiss. I began wondering whether I was the one they were after. Certainly, I was the one. The vehicles adjacent to mine began hooting as a way of cautioning me. Subsequently, I pulled over immediately, with my heart pounding, wondering which traffic law I had broken.

Admittedly, as soon as I stopped, the police officer, speaking through his radio speaker, told me to step out of the car with my hands held up. I fearfully stepped out of the car, with his gun pointed towards me. In obedience to his orders, I walked backwards towards him. A cold chill went down my spine even as he searched through my pockets looking for anything dangerous. In the meantime, he kept asking me why I did not stop in time. It was at this time that I noticed the presence of four police cars, which were all in pursuit of me.

Nevertheless, I mumbled all excuses I could think of, being that I was frightened at what could happen next. After thoroughly searching my car and finding nothing dangerous, the cop informed me that it was unlawful to follow a car too close. As a result, I had to be penalized, thus he gave me a ticket. Due to that fact that I did not stop at first, they somehow confused my car with that of a felon gangster, being that he had a similar red ford mustang. As a result, they thought I was evading the law and escaping.

No doubt it was so embarrassing being by the highway. This was due to that fact that I was afraid that someone who knew me could pass by and recognize me. This was an experience that I have never been proud of. All in all, this embarrassing experience was a big lesson to me. Since then, I have learnt to be alert, while driving, lest I fall in trouble with the law again.



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