Free Custom «Cyber Stalking in Japan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Cyber Stalking in Japan» Essay Paper

Cyber stalking has different meanings depending on aspects. Pathe and Mullen described it as a gathering of behaviors, whereby an individual use various means to impose upon another individual with repeated unwanted intrusions and communication. From a nonprofessional’s point of view, cyber stalking entails the use of the internet and or any other electronic means to follow the details of a person without conscience. It also includes harassment of an individual through internet follow-ups. The Council of Europe defines it as the act of infringing a person’s right through online stalking without his/her conscience.

Cyber stalking takes different features. First, cyber stalking has no direct contact. Instead, the victim suffers the violence from the act and bears the effects of the vice. Cyber stalking also entails usage of Mixmaster. This application hides the identity of the stalker. It is a feature that many stalkers use for concealing their identity (Newton, 2004).

Cyber stalking is quite different from other crimes. Whereas in cyber stalking people commit crimes online through internet, crimes in identity theft relate to simple theft of personal identities like the credit card. This may go a mile away in including the victimization of the individual.

Japan is a country most affected by this crime. Some of the cases identified include:

  • Camp Zama, Japan-Army chaplain gets charges of not only adultery but also internet stalking. Captain Mike Myers, 45 years is charged with five different counts of cyber stalking. Myers gets the charges after allegedly posted his former girlfriend pal’s nude pictures on the internet sharing the nude photos with friends and family without the pal noticing. Myer is in jail for cyber stalking (Robert, Geddes, and Rhodes, 2003).
  • Laura Fitch is a Canadian aged 28 years of age living in Japan. She encountered an incident of cyber stalking by an English teacher by the name Lindsay Ann Hawker. From her statement, she only gave her family members and close acquaintance overseas her landline number. From her surprise, she got a strange call from this teacher who told her everything she was doing in Japanese language. This scared her very much until she called her friend who lived the next door. Since then, Fitch had been receiving strange calls while in Japan until ten months later when she moved out (Brenner and Schwerha, 2002).
  • Japanese defense contractor targeted in cyber attack: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese largest defense contractor, has recorded a report confirming the fact that some hackers have compromised its IT system. This company dealing with the building of submarines, missiles and mechanisms of nuclear power plants confirmed that some company information leaked without their notice. This is a crucial crime committed since the information gives strategies for their work. However, their crucial data regarding their products and technologies are safe (Baumer, Earp, and Evers, 2003). This is a report by Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper.
  • In January 2011, two girls, Joy and Yieng in Okayama-ken were charged with cyber stalking after they were linked to a counterfeit Facebook page in the name of a classmate got arrest of two years. They used the picture to give false information about the girl posting that she is a whore who is ready to give out (Brenner and Schwerha, 2002).
  • Another case is of a woman called Jayne in Tokushima-ken who suffered harassment online through discussion groups. This went ahead and affected her family since the stalkers proceeded to stalk her family members on the internet. This created a bad picture after it went public (Bellia, 2001).

These case studies comprise the crimes of cyber stalking since the criminals use online stalking to affect pain to others. With these crimes going largely, Japan has ensured strict measures to curb this menace. Although it has greatly affected the governance of the country, various laws to prevent such are into action (Ardito, 2003).

In conclusion, cyber stalking is a crime, which needs strict measures. As a government, laws governing the citizens should be imposed to ensure security of the people.



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