Free Custom «Abortion Equals Murder» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Abortion Equals Murder» Essay Paper

Abortion can be termed as the termination of pregnancy which involves its expulsion of the fetus from the uterus resulting to its death. Abortion can be therapeutic-which is done to preserve the life /health of the mother and can also be elective. The elective abortion is done for any other reason apart from preserving life of the mother. On the other hand as defined by many countries, murder is the unlawful killing of another person with malice or aforethought (Andrew, 2005). Legalizing abortion will lead to, increased; death of fetuses, reduced population, HIV/AIDS prevalence and immorality. Allowing abortion will be like allowing murder denying the unborn the right to live thereby increasing fetal mortality.

Though I have mentioned therapeutic abortion, it still falls under murder and allowing any form of abortion can be misused by law makers to justify this form of murder. Some people who abort claim they do it since they can not afford to raise the child. Looking at such reasons, countries then can justify murder and use the clause to murder people in order to remain with a population that she can comfortably feed, educate and offer job to them(Charles, 2007). Allowing aborting can bring devastating effects than what we think about.

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It is believed that abortion can cause weakening of the uterus which makes it difficult to carry pregnancy thus fewer women being able to carry pregnancies to term. It can lead to unimagined low population thus having the trickle effects on human resource i.e. reduced productivity. Most people do abort with the claim of not being ready to bring up the child yet did not take preventive measures available to avert the same. Allowing abortion therefore means there will be reduction in condom use which in turn will for sure raise the rate of infection with HIV/AIDS. So far HIV/AIDS has got no cure and thus most people will at long last die from AIDS (Cliff, 2002). Social morals are very important in every society and include good behavior and being responsible. Permitting abortion will erode morals by making even very young girls to engage in irresponsible sex behaviors. Abortion will not only affect the above mentioned areas but it will most likely lead to irresponsible drinking to both men and women for they will know even if they have unprotected sex, they can still do away with the unborn child by aborting.

Irresponsible drinking will elevate road accidents thereby increasing deaths and permanent injuries. To conclude, abortion is just like murder and shouldn?t be encouraged at any level and in any country if at all we want to respect and abide by the law. Legalization of abortion will bring about more complications including high fetal mortality, reduced population, increased HIV/AIDS prevalence and immorality. Human life is very important and it doesn?t matter at which stage it is, even at the fetal stage its still human life. Its legalization might be misused by countries and states to justify some levels of murder thereby going against human rights.


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