Free Custom «White-Collar Criminal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «White-Collar Criminal» Essay Paper

The main reason why crimes were committed by the executive at Enron is still a question to many stakeholders today. There is no doubt that crimes were committed in this scandal. After the fall of the company, the senior executives were held accountable as thousands of other employees lost their jobs as well (Benson, 2008). Several other people lost fictitious fortunes in the artificially overinflated stocks. Following this occurrence, senior personnel in Enron such as Lay dies as a result of heart attack as Baxter committed suicide (Bruce, 2008). There are certain social developments associated with this case. For instance, the main reason why these crimes took place was as a result of greed. Greed is a social vice practiced by one or few individuals aiming at benefiting from other individuals hard work. Another social vice is the willingness of the top executives to lie and take part in the crime (Falk, 2010).

Conflict theories are based upon the perception that the fundamental courses of crime are the social and economic forces that are operating within the society. One of the conflict theories to be studies is the critical criminology (Friedriches, 2010). It defends the fact that rich capitalists control the society. It applies the same case to Enron crime where the executives sat to defraud the company. The radical conflict theory is a social relations theory that emphasizes on its production (Friedriches, 2010). The theory explains that human beings are creative beings. Therefore, Enron crimes were as a result of creative minds that thought to defraud the company. Radical theory is more on capitalism and alienation just as the case was in Enron crime. Pluralistic or cultural conflict is another conflict theory (Gerber & Jensen, 2006). The theory emphasizes on power and control. Enron crime was as a result of the executives being in full control of the company and possessing total power as well. The few powerful individual aims at profiting over other.

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Conflict theories infer culture as a fight for power linking groups that are besieged for limited means. White collar conflicts are different from other conflict theories on the basis that the working class has less influence and their hard work is in most cases sold to capitalist class (Geis, 2008). The main reason is that the elite do have advantage over the working class. The major difference between white collar crime and blue collar crimes depends on the type of crime. White collar crimes include fraud, bribery as well as inside trading (Gottschalk, 2010). Others includes forgery and resource embezzlement. The working class involves in crimes such as robbery, murder as well as assault. According to conflict theories, the two types of crimes are different on the perspective of violence associated with them. In addition, there exist exceptions with the rule as for either the elite or the working class (Microfilms, 2008).

Social developments resulting from white collar crimes are different from that in organized crime because white collar crime is aimed at benefiting the company or individuals (Walsh, 2011). Corporate crime is an example of white collar crime taking place when senior executives involve in acts of crime to benefit the organization. Occupational crimes occur for the purpose of promoting personal interests (Benson, 2008). They include the involvement of senior executives in crime so as to boost their images. Organized crimes are mainly aimed at financial gains on personal basis or to hurt someone else. Theories explain that the dominant people use their power and the law in the maintenance of their dominance over others. The difference between white collar crimes and blue collar crimes is that blue collar crimes involve excessive use of force and police involvement (Falk, 2010). White collar crimes involve elite and capitalism with the application of conflict theories. According to conflict theories, the elite in the society use their authority to suppress the subordinate groups. This is as a result of the threat posed by the working class.


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