Free Custom «War Criminals» Essay Paper

Free Custom «War Criminals» Essay Paper

War Criminals Be Tested At International Courts and Not Their Own Countries

War criminals should be tried at the international criminal courts rather than trial on their national law courts. I support with the arguments that I will discuss in the next paragraphs.

The international courts offer a universal ruling for all. It rules out the possibility of an alleged criminal trying to stop rulings by influencing the proceedings. The status of the court differs with that of many nations’ courts in that it has strict rules on criminal cases handling. The states courts can’t put their nationals especially those who have high ranks behind bars as a result of their influence in the proceedings. It is reported that corruption cases in these states give the suspects to go untried.

The international courts employ high profile judges and prosecutors. This contributes to their worthiness in the prosecution and sentencing of the war crimes.

There are cases reported of the national courts failing or are aware but unwilling to take action on war crimes. This could be attributed to the criminals being high officials in the government or the collapsing of the courts as in the case of Rwanda. The international court is established and maintained to a stable position to handle criminal cases at any time. It has no season of collapsing and a season of operation.

Most war cases tried at the suspects own country have reportedly led to the loss of witnesses through murder. These witnesses are killed to stop the proceeding by destruction of the evidence. The international courts provide for many ways of witnessing that do not necessarily require that the witnesses appear. If a witness reports that his or her life has been put into danger by his or her witnessing action. The courts provide for their security unlike their country courts.

A nation will be reluctant to try its own leaders on war crimes. This leads to the accumulation criminal cases that are at best abandoned. This is not the case with the international criminal court.

The war crimes should be tried at the international courts to avoid the weaknesses of the nations’ courts. This will allow for war crimes to be reduced and possibly brought to a complete and as a result of the repercussions and the end result will be peace at both the national level and the international level.



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