Free Custom «War Against Drugs» Essay Paper

Free Custom «War Against Drugs» Essay Paper

The utilization of drugs has an effect on majority of individuals other than those who have employed its services. Drug abuse is among the pinnacle threats that a nation can encounter. It affects the general lifestyle of people and results in health problems. Furthermore, it enhances the cost of healthcare, gets individuals to be jailed for breaking the law and interferes with the societal set up as those who use drugs tend to be aggressive and violent. Poverty levels, unemployment and child abuse are all associated with the abuse of drugs. 

‘War against Drugs’ is a movement of prevention and foreign security intercession being taken by the Government, with help of participating nations, with an intention to illustrate and reduce the unlawful drug trade (Glaser and Grelfinger 134). The initiative entails a laid down of drug policies of the Government, which are aimed at discouraging the production, delivery and utilization of forbidden psychoactive drugs .The expression “war on drugs” was originally applied by the President of the United States of America Richard Nixon in the year 1971. The U.S Government spent in excess of fifteen billion dollars in the year 2010 on the war against drugs as this money was expended on providing protection facilities to restrain the traffickers, good amount of the money spent on legal progressions of prosecuting the perpetrators and the rest, spent on psychotherapy centres for those profoundly affected.

War against Drugs

In June this year, the self-styled ‘Global commission on drug policy’ unconfined a vital report on war against drugs, proclaiming that the battle against drugs had been unsuccessful, with distressing repercussions for persons and communities around the sphere. Fifty years following the inititiation of the U.N solitary conference on illegitimate drugs and years after President Nixon began the Government war against drugs, very significant reforms in National and world drug regulatory policies are still urgently needed (Olson 14). However, the affirmation was instantly criticized by people and organisations that are against drugs legalization.

Though the Government has tried its level best, the war against drugs seem to have failed and it has become totally impossible to arrest drug traffickers whose operations are very smart. Some of the drug Lords are well connected to Government officials, which is another setback to the fight against drugs. Drug cartels employ the services of sophisticated and advanced technology in trafficking and supplying the drugs to their clients who, in most cases, happen to be wealthy persons. To counter this initiative, the Government should endow its protection team with the most recent and up to date armaments, communication expertise and training so as to put an end the traffickers’ activities (Gray 2001). On the other hand, Government officials alleged to be drug Lords should be investigated thoroughly and brought to book if it is established they are guilty. They should be heavily fined and made to face the full punishment from the government, even if it means being sentenced to life imprisonment.


To effectively triumph in this fight, each and every one should take personal initiative to help the Government curb this menace. Friends and family members should inform each other about the effects of abusing drugs and the essence of keeping oneself healthy (Kauffman 12). The society should also not single out drug users but instead, embrace, counsel, direct and encourage them. Rehabilitation centres should also be set up for those that are willing to quit drugs; this will help those who were addicts to become respectable members of the society once again. Since, an idle mind is the devils workshop, youths, who form the majority of the population affected by this menace, should involve themselves in constructive actions like sports, voluntary works and even farming.

Furthermore, citizens of a given country should portray patriotism by giving information to the authorities that may lead to the arrest of the drug barons while on the other hand, the Government should be able  to provide fortification for such citizens since they endanger their lives by providing information to the authorities. In addition, the Church should be on the fore front to tutor on good morals to the society and lead by example to its believers. By adhering to such activities, the war on drugs may be achieved and the society would be saved from the detrimental effects of drug abuse.



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