Free Custom «Victim?s Rights Amendment in Ohio» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Victim?s Rights Amendment in Ohio» Essay Paper

Doerner and Lab describe a victim’s rights amendment as a law reform that protects the rights of a victim as they go through all the processes of law. Victims are individuals that witness a crime or crimes, and so, they have to bear witness in the justice system. The state of Ohio does have laws that protect the rights of victims who undergo the criminal justice system. The state also has some rights that pertain to how a victim must handle themselves while taking part in the justice system. To begin with, a victim is always needed to attend all court schedules of a case that concerns them if a case is to go to trial, the victim is notified through the a letter from the prosecutor before the trial. The victim is also to meet the lawyer in charge of the case so as to make preparations for the trial. A victim is also free to attend a trial and hear the ruling of the judge. The victim can also attend the sentencing of a law offender. The victim is also needed to make a statement in court concerning the crime and how it affected him or her.

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The Ohio laws state that a victim is warranted to have a claim if he is a victim of an aggressive crime, an accident or any other associated circumstances. The state takes care of all expenses that the victim has. These expenses range from medical fee, funeral expenses, counselling expenses and if a victim losses his/her job. In case of compensation a victim should make claims before the passage of two years. If he/she does not, it may be difficult to get compensated. A victim also has a right to report any threats or intimidations that come from his opponent. The state assures all victims that they will take immediate action so as to deal with intimidators. Victims are supposed to report offences against them to the authority immediately after an offence. This allows evidence to be easily accessible to the law practitioners. The victim is also allocated a prosecutor who will inform him of his rights as a victim.

Doerner and Lab talk about victims in the state of Ohio and they simply describe a victim as any witness to an action that is against the state of Ohio. According to them, crimes that a victim can witness are divided into several sections: there are crimes intended to damage the state, crimes against property and crimes directed to a specific individual. Victims that witness these crimes have laws that protect them so that they can get compensation or a fair hearing at the court. There are compensations that require donation of funds, such as medical expenses and compensations that require protection of the victim such as threats from opponents. Doerner and Lab are effective in making their point clear. They clearly explain all the terms that concern the law so as the reader can understand them. The authors also use simple language that a reader can easily understand and this makes it easier for any individual to understand the laws and privileges that the state entitles to victims. The reading brings to mind other related topics such as what process a victim should follow after a criminal offence and what the victim needs to expect during the justice processes. These educate the victim or any other citizen of their rights and privileges if they are in this situation or if their friends are in this situation. My opinion is that there is a need for future research. This research will look at how successfully these laws are applied when victims find themselves in situations that involve lawbreakers. The research should also center on if the application of these laws is successful and up to the present moment as many victims have benefitted from these laws. Lastly, the research should also find out if the authority in Ohio is planning to make many more laws pertaining victims apart from the present ones. 


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