Free Custom «Veterans Affair» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Veterans Affair» Essay Paper

Veteran Affairs (VA) is a government department that provide care and federalbenefits to veterans and their dependants suffering from physical and emotional illness that deter them from securing suitable employment. Therefore, the VA offers benefits and medical services to the veterans who have suffered a disability in the process of serving the nation. A veteran is anyone who served in a particular field. A war veteran is a person who has served the military with exposure to the acts of military combat. Veteran Affairs was created with a purpose of providing care and benefits. This is because most of war veterans suffer from illnesses that are war-related which make them unable to conduct their normallife, the common one being the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Though veterans receive treatment with honor and dignity, there are some negative feelings toward veterans of unpopular wars. The VA disability compensations are the benefits that are paid to the veteran. The war veterans are compensated to the injuries and illness that have direct relation with the military service. These veterans also include those that are worsened by the active military, and those that have been disabled by the VA health care. The disability rating of the health conditions are rated between 0 and 100 percent, with the zero rating signifying the eligibility of the free VA care. The percentage that is above 10 signifies that the veteran is also eligible for monthly compensation and is free of taxation. The compensation is usually rated on level of the disability and the size of the veteran dependants. There are large amounts of government funds going into veteran compensation. For instance, the total veteran compensation in 2004 and 2007 was $4.3 billion.

A case was filed by the veteran group for common sense against the VA. This case explained the deliberate cheating of veterans as working with the pentagon misclassifying the PTSD claims as being pre-existing personality disorders in avoidance of benefit payments (Finley). The VA was viewed as betraying its veterans as the lawsuit did demonstrate how diagnoses issues were tied up with the rights of veterans. This diagnosis was a VA system of putting the right illness to the right veteran, and determining the care and resources to be accessed by the veterans.

The Veteransare said to have lost their rights to the constitution long ago, and this is used as a punishment for serving their country. The hiring of an attorney is viewed to be the most basic right, and this makes sure that the veterans are lied to because they are not able to hire one. Therefore, the fairness and the honesty of VA claims, which the government had policies on the processes, did take the rights of the veterans by passing laws that hindered the VA claims (Petitions). There have both legal and moral duties to care for veterans that fell fighting for the freedom being enjoyed, but these veterans have been waiting for the procession of their claims for over 20 years. This is considered to be torturing the veterans as there are laws that give those rights and benefits, but the government is violating these laws by ignoring the plight of veterans. This can be viewed as a conspiracy of lowering the veteran’s budget through the policy of cheating the veterans (Petitions).

The veterans’ claims are elevated by the VA health care priority status that give veterans own reports to capture sufficient proof of exposure in order to receive medical care; thus, restricting the eligibility requirement of the veterans. This is depicted where the veterans of the Vietnam War had to demonstrate that there was the link of exposure to Agent Orange and their health conditions, but the medical care had provided that the VA had to determine if the cause of the illness was as a result of the exposure (Panangala).

The veterans’ rights are always lost to the Due Process of the court and the department of the VA by falsifying the records of veterans, and destroying the evidence provided to support VA claims. The basic rights of veterans are thus violated by the criminalacts that are committed by individual in VA. The VA do commit dishonest acts by keeping the benefits earned by the veterans away from them ignoring the north Circuit Decision, even though, they have an inspector general. However, they never investigate on the crimes committed by the VA department, and this covers up the corruption within. The veterans’ outcry made the congress create a special court of appeal for them to handle their claims, but it is composed of corrupt attorneys who collaborate with the VA dishonest acts and instead of helping these veterans claim their benefits, they use this opportunity by enriching themselves with these benefits (Justice).

The VA department covers the abuses it does to veterans by diverting the funds to political corporations. The VA has also crafted a mechanist that is used to fix the cases that have enormous evidence of the veteran’s entitlement to benefits. The court usually bases their case without consideration of the veterans’ evidence, or the witnesses that are provided, and its judgments do not touch on any of the veterans’ evidence. The only evidence that is considered is the VA s stating that the veteran is not entitled to any benefits. Thus, the evidence is always in favor of the VA (Justice).

The VA department is misusing the power of their office as they do not honor benefits of the veterans who fought for their country. Instead, they are stealing their hard earned benefits. There is a need to restructure the operations of the VA department, as it is the one at the centre of corruption and even affecting other institutions that are created to cater for the plight of veterans. The processes that are taken to verify the eligibility of the VA benefits sometimes deny these veterans the actual rights to claim their Benefits. This is because some illnesses are considered to be unlinked with the veterans’ military services.



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