Free Custom «The Legal System of the Oregon» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Legal System of the Oregon» Essay Paper

The legal system of the Oregon state recognizes a wide range of sex related conducts as sexual offense. This ranges from rape, sex abuse, sodomy incest, sexual penetration, prostitution, child pornography in addition to making contribution to a minor’s sexual delinquency. Some of the sexual offenses are considered as felonies with the main forms of punishment being either putting offenders on probation or sending them to jail.

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Jail sentences on sexual offendors range from mandatory jail sentences in the category of Measure 11, whereas for certain multiple offenders are booked for mandatory life jail terms. Virtually the entire range of cimes related to sex with the inclusion of misdemeanors have as a requirement the registration of sexual offenders where by some of them are put under lifelong registration. 

When a person is facing accusations on committing a sexual offence the courts assumes jurisdiction over the case proceedings. The suspect will be issued with a notice to appear before a court of law which if declined will lead the court to issue a warrant of arrest. Other offender will be arrested directly even without a notice especially if it was a violent case where there is tangible incriminating evidence.

For some offenders, the police might choose to keep theem in custody until the court issues a trial while for others depending on the degree of the offence will be released on bail as they await the curt to conduct a hearing.  The suspect is allowed the right to legal representation by either private or public attorneys or defenders.

For minors, arraignment in a juvenile court is quite common.  If the minor is in police custody after an arrest the police can either decide to release him or else place him under juvenile detention camps. The minor can either be issued with a notice to appear before the juvenile court or meet up with a probation officer from the local probation department.


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