Free Essay Sample «The Criminal Justice»

Free Essay Sample «The Criminal Justice»

Relevant evidence is the admissible evidence in a court of law that is meant to prove or disapprove the presented case; the evidence is meant to prove or dismiss the existence of a crime. In a court of law all relevant evidence is deemed to be admissible unless prove otherwise by law. A jury that is selected after a case is presented is given the mandate of determining whether the evidence presented is relevant or not.

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Most people free from crime scenes after witnessing a crime or being part of it; this automatically makes one to be a suspect by law. Freeing the scene arouses suspicion on whether the suspect actually committed the crime or was in the process of committing a crime. However, even though fleeing from a crime scene may indicate hat some one committed a crime, it does not always mean that someone is actually guilty. This is because there are various reasons that make someone flee from a crime scene which includes fear of being implicated or panic; therefore more evidence is required to support the allegations that one is guilty.

For documentary evidence to be used in a court of law, it has to be proven that the document is original and in the case where the document has been copied, the original document must also be produced to prove it is authentic. Best evidence rule is where the original evidence is not available so the court agrees to use the available evidence which is then termed as admissible evidence. Most courts are now using this rule because it is not always that a case will be presenteed with the original documents as evidence.

For evidence presented either in recording, writing or photograph to be accepted in a court of law the original must be presented unless it is otherwise provided in the court. If provided otherwise, copies may be presented as evidence instead of originals.

Summarized evidence is accepted in cases where the evidence presented is voluminous; this makes the judge’s job easier in tracing the important evidence from the large volumes of data. To use the summarized evidence you have to prove that the original evidence is voluminous, it is not convenient to examine the originals in court, the originals have been examined in court before, and prove that the originals are admissible in court.


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