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The Capital Punishment

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The abolishment of the death penalty has for a long time been a contentious issue. Many argue that no human being or justice system has a right to take away the life of another, as life is God-given, and only He should take it away. It is the ultimate denial of human rights as agreed upon in the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, regardless of the type of crime, the characteristic of the offender and the method used by the state. The same school of thought argues it to be demeaning, barbaric and murder by the state. On the other hand, many Americans agree with it especially on cases of aggravated murder, but even in such cases, it should not be allowed as the penalty for rape is neither rape nor that of kidnap; kidnap.
From a personal view, capital punishment ought to be done away with from the justice system. A clogged up justice system, bureaucracies, poor representation by public defense attorneys, prosecutorial misconduct may lead to the wrong person being sentenced to death. Most of the evidence provided in court is collected by human beings who are subject to error in addition witness testimonies maybe prejudiced and/or racial. It would, therefore, be a gamble with human life since the mistakes made cannot be corrected. It is cruel and wrong for a justice system to mete out such a punishment to another human being even in cases where the evidence has proved beyond reasonable doubt that indeed the crime was committed by the suspect. Such a person should be sentenced to life imprisonment, without parole or clemency, in detention centers specifically reserved for this kind of convicts.
Some tax payers may argue that it is expensive to support such a system, but a study by The Office of Legislative Research for the Connecticut General Assembly concluded that it is difficult to determine the actual costs associated with capital cases, as such it is not possible to ascertain which is cheaper between the death penalty, and life imprisonment without parole. It is also unproven that the death penalty acts as deterrent to aggravated murder. Sentencing a person to death is allowing a person to escape from the consequences of what he/she did since death is a painful and final act, the convict should be allowed to live with himself/herself.

Buy custom The Capital Punishment essay paper cheap

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