Free Custom «The Amanda Knox Story» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Amanda Knox Story» Essay Paper

This is a criminal case that involved the republic as the plaintiff and Amanda Knox as the defendant. Amanda Knox was accused of the murder Meredith Kercher a British University student in Italy in 2007. They had shared a flat together with three others when Kercher was assaulted sexually and stabbed to death and her property stolen. The case was a jury trial where Amanda and her flat mates Sollesito were convicted of the murder and assault on the ground that she had taken part in the murder. They were sentenced to 25 and 26 years respectively but they appealed a year later.

In June 2009, on her appeal case, she repeated the interrogation process at the trial, and her lawyer claimed that the evidence was unjustly obtained on the ground that the long and ruthless interview had caused stress and fear to the subject, and at the time the interrogation was done, there was no interpreter and she had also been abused. The Supreme Court in Italy later found that her human rights had been violated as the police failed to read to her her legal rights,   interpreting the accusations or appointing a lawyer for her.

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It was upon the efforts of the police to provide enough evidence through their thorough investigation and prove Knox guilt. But further forensic investigation of Kercher’s body revealed that a third person, guide had been involved in the murder and was arraigned in court. The prosecutor sought to prove that the break-in was a staged plan but failed to testify.  Guide, Knox and Sollesito all stood trial of kercher murder. After appeal Guede was convicted of the murder and serving a 16 years term. Sollesito and Knox were convicted jointly and made appeals for conviction. Under the laws of the land they had to remain in custody until the end of the trial.

The judge concluded that Knox and Sollesito had stabbed the victim in the neck by using two unlike knifes and covered the body with a duvet. The bloody bathroom footprints were also found to be of Sollesito and those in the bedroom was of Knox. The court was made to believe that a break-in was planned and that kercher was killed by an intruder. Appeal was made by each of the three but the decision is not settled to date.


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