Free Custom «Success On and Off the Court» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Success On and Off the Court» Essay Paper

Volleyball has been one of the sports adored by many. Many sport men and women have earned a living through playing the game. Being one of the sports offered as co-curriculum activity in most schools and colleges, most many students have dedicated part of their free time for the game and have been very successful in balancing the two that is the curriculum and the co-curriculum activities.

Emily Baddock a Heinz college student was one of the successful volleyball players on the pitch and off the pitch. She was a strong team member of the collage team. She planned her collage work in such a way that it did not contradict with her team’s upcoming seasons.

Baddock is one of the stars and the backbone of the college team. Following their last tournaments that they won, she played a big role in the success of the team. She was crowned the best player and the top scorer of the season. She was later given the mandate of leading the college team as the team captain due to his records of success in the game. Baddock used the free time in the gymnasium practicing for the next season.

Baddock is passionate about Carnegie Mellon volleyball, she explain that she loves the team aspect of the game because the team brings together girls from all areas and each season they grow together and become closer as friends and players. As the captain she has been very optimistic to win the next tournament which begins in November, following their past records.

Regardless of the busy scheduled of her academic work, she has witnessed the volleyball team improving greatly during preseason, and she hopes it continues to flourish at the current rate. Despite her great and pronounced performance in the court, she was still managing her academic life. Baddock is majoring in an international relations and politics and minors in French and francophone studies. She is planning to start her masters on completion of his degree course, where she is focusing on the public policy and management.

After the completion of the master’s degree, Baddock is considering law school as the next step towards achieving her goals of working in Washington D.C for the United State department of state or a non-profit focusing on international development. Last spring, despite her involvement in the season tournament Baddock was able to study international affairs and public diplomacy and she also completed her internship with D.C-based online journalism during her time in the D.C. back on his team work has been an all round person who was able to balance her actions, that is her academic life and sport life. She prospered both in her academic life and sport life and still has a strong ambition to flourish further in different fields.

Following Baddock success in academic life and sport life, it shows the Baddock success on and off the court. When in the court she created a record and was crowned the heroin of the game. Looking at her academic life she had acquired abundant knowledge from different fields and still plans to explore other fields. Baddock was an all-rounded person with a future oriented ambition both in her academic and sport life. She is preparing her team for the next season games and at the same time explores other academic fields.



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