Free Custom «Social Justice» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Social Justice» Essay Paper

Social justice involves having a society or a system that recognises the principle of equality and solidarity that considers and upholds human rights. It also recognises the dignity and feelings of every human being by understanding them and ensuring that these values are practised and upheld by everyone in the society. Social justice focusses on human rights and ensures that every human being is given equal opportunities and treatment no matter their race, social status or age. Everyone should benefit equally from the society around them; no one should be subjected to any form of discrimination when accessing the social facilities or any other service that they have a right to.

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In a society where social justice is upheld and guaranteed to everyone; people are given equal economic gains from the economic growth and development in a country, tax is charged progressively to ensure that the poor and under privileged people pay less while those with a higher income pay more, there is equal income distribution and everyone gets a fair wage when they work, and the country also redistributes its property to ensure that everyone owns a portion of land and decent housing.

I personally uphold social justice and ensure that life and dignity of every person is guaranteed; this is because life is a precious gift to everyone therefore, it should be valued and every person should be treated well. I also believe that preference should also be given to the poor and vulnerable people in the society who cannot afford a decent living. I also believe that redistributive social justice should be based on equal education and employment opportunities for all people in the society.


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