Free Custom «Rosenberg Trial» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Rosenberg Trial» Essay Paper

Julius Rosenberg and his wife Ethel Rosenberg were arrested and tried for allegedly being involved in espionage-a soviet spy ring which was based in Britain but never implicated anybody during their trials. This whole saga was detected by one Ignor Gouezenko who was a detective and an intelligence officer working with FBI. According to Spartacus Educational, the FBI was in desperate need to discover the names of the spies who had had an opportunity to work with Klaus Fuchs for the time he had been in America. Linder said that a list of eighty names of people thought to have actively participated in espionage had been forwarded to FBI detectors by one Elizabeth Bentley back in 1945.

With the very little evidence available, it was very difficult to bring any of the suspects to book. They were then subjected to intensive cross examination in which Harry Gold confessed for having worked for Fuchus as a courier and also named David greenglass.Immediately David Greenglass got arrested by the FBI in 1950.upon being cross-examined thoroughly David Greenglas admitted that he was indeed a spy and that is when he went ahead to mention Julius Rosenberge. By refusing to open up and providing the court with evidence to carry out its duty Julius Rosenberge and his sister Ethel Rosenberge caused themselves deaths that were not meant for and consequently making her children to suffer for no apparent reason, when in actual sense it was David Greenglass who should have been sentenced for being in consistent and for perjury in court. For this reason.

When Julius Rosenberg got arrested he remained adamant and avoided at all costs implicating any other adversely mentioned and those he knew were involved like David Greenglass, in spying secretly for Soviet Union. Joseph McCarthy had just initiated attack on a group of communists which was situated in Washington. According to History.Com the FBI boss, J.Edgar Hoover, believed that arresting Rosenberg was going to boost the image of FBI and was also good for their publicity. Hoover communicated to Howard McGrath the then US attorney general alleging that if Julius Rosenberg could provide more details about his extensive and elaborate espionage activities, it could be possible to continue swiftly with the case against other mentioned persons. He also recommended that Proceeding against Julius Rosenberg’s wife might just make it easy to prosecute the rest.

Moreover, when Ethel on the other hand, refused to provide information and details that was necessary for the incrimination of the other suspects it complicated her case. The FBI boss then ordered for her arrest. Her two children were taken away from her; this of course had some far reaching psychological torture on her and on the children too. Julius and Ethel were subjected to psychological pressure and even coerced to provide incriminating evidence on the others who were involved in the spy ring. Unfortunately neither of them offered any more information.

Surely, David Greenglass should have been charged and served at least a sentence because other than being suspected to have participated in the spy ring, he engaged himself in perjury-he lied to the court. Other than that he also gave contradicting information on two different occasions. The information he gave in the first interview was not consistent with that which he gave during the second time he was interviewed. Just a few days prior to the beginning of their trial the FBI did a second round of interviews on David Greenglass, after he had been promised a deal to provide information against Ethel Rosenberg. In exchange they promised not to charge Ruth Greenglass for having membership in the spy ring (Aitor). Greenglass now flipped his story. In the first statement, he had said that he gave atomic information to Julius Rosenberg at a corner of a street in New York City. In the new interview, Greenglass alleged that he gave Julius the atomic information while in his living room in New York.

In conclusion, in this saga the Rosenbergs’ acted as sacrificial lambs by dying without implicating any of the other members of the spy ring. Initially eighty members were adversely mentioned to have belonged to the ring. A bunch of the first members, who were implicated, went ahead to mention others.It was unfortunate that the couples’ death sentence left two boys.



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