Free Custom «Reasonable Use of Force by Police» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Reasonable Use of Force by Police» Essay Paper

Protecting lives is the overall mission of the police. They face serious personal and social risks while protecting public safety. In case of crime, the apprehension and arrest of the suspect is the main goal of the officer. Therefore, if the suspect flees, the officer should to pursue the suspect. This is mainly because if not pursued and arrested, the suspect poses more risk to the security of others. If the police do stops pursuing suspects, many people will start fleeing from facing justice (May 2008). A pursuit is initiated if it does not pose a great danger to the public, and the officers themselves-than letting the suspect go. A pursuit would be terminated if the officers find the suspect intoxicated or posing a greater safety hazard; if it exceeds a given period; or if the officers suspect that the pursuit may lead to fatality for instance in case of much traffic.

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If I was the in charge of Department of Homeland security, I would first advise the government to pass a law restricting release of any help to the illegal immigrants. This would discourage many intending people to migrate to the U.S. Secondly I would deploy more officers and inspectors at the border and order them to keenly inspect all people and items passing the border. The number of officers deployed at a point would depend with the amount of people crossing through that point per day. Harsh penalties for those caught on the wrong would also help curb this behavior. I would put into consideration that if the above apply, the suspects may be expected to use other means such as fraudulent documents. Research on the latest advanced technologies, as well as positioning sufficient overseas consulates accompanied by a strong funding, would help reduce the number of terrorists entering the U.S.

The biogenic theory of crime suggests that a person’s criminal behavior is motivated by his/her individual, constitutional or physical makeup. This theory links criminality to one’s personality and temperaments that associated with body shapes or types; for instance, the chromosome theory indicates that criminality can be a result of an extra chromosome existing in the body. Sociogenic theory views criminal behavior as acquired socially, and, therefore, link it to cultural or social structures where one grew (Duberman 1976). Thus, some people commit a crime as a result of the social environmental influences that surround them such as class, family and peer group. Both theories assume that there are forces that act on a person and force them to commit offences. I believe the sociogenic theory is more valid than the biogenic. This is mainly because crimes being the unavoidable violations of legal law statutes; which are rules that are defined socially and hence are part of social structure arrangements. Criminality is not merely individually motivated.


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