Free Custom «Punishment and Other Correctional Goals» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Punishment and Other Correctional Goals» Essay Paper

According to Banks (2004), the professionals in the criminal justice sector face many ethical dilemmas in their day to day activities. There are many ethical theories and perspectives introduced in this chapter that would aid in getting the necessary and real life case modes to counter these challenges. As far as punishment and correctional goals are concerned the chapter explores on ways in which accountability in the criminal justice system functions. It states on ways in which ethical ways are implemented during the punishment process.

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The main objective here is rehabilitation. Among other goals would be to ensure or rather to provide a deterrent to other people so that they may fear to engage in criminal activities due to the repercussions. Correcting that behavior which resulted to punishment is the most vital thing to do since the probability of engaging in it again will be highly unlikely. The motivation to commit that crime will be reviewed and be negatively reinforced. The judge plays a very vital role during this process. If the judge finds the action unlawful, he/she will either protect the society from that person’s behavior by locking him/her up or through probation allow that person to exist in the society through strict guidelines that is giving the person a chance to redeem him or herself.

Ones a person has been looked in, correctional goals here are geared to monitor the offender in their daily activities. The first stage is to accept and show remorse for the offence. Research has shown that this does not happen overnight and could take age in some cases. The offender has in all cases to first take this initial step. Many programs have been introduced for the purposes of reintegrating this people back into the society for example giving them jobs and houses, encouraging community and family to accept them back and give them outmost support so they can be useful. Educational programs have also been introduced so they can engage themselves in income generating activities ones they are out. Their mindset also changes ones they get a better perception of life.


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