Free Custom «Pornography» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Pornography» Essay Paper

Child Pornography is a particularly serious crime in the United States. The crime involves exploitation of children sexually by offenders who seek to benefit either directly or indirectly from the vice. This article looks at child pornography in different perspectives and explains its trends in arrests made in the year 2000 and 2006. The article used data from the national juvenile online victimization study, which is a longitudinal survey of a sample of 2500 law enforcement agencies in the US. Trends of child pornography basing on ethnicity are also highlighted with the whites and the Hispanics being the subjects of investigation. The direction of the crimes, arrests, and prosecution of individual in relation to child pornography is discussed. The history of the culprits is also used to describe some aspects of child pornography. The distribution of offenders among different age brackets is also exposed in the article. The fate of those caught and prosecuted with child pornography is evaluated and analyzed in relation to severity and effectiveness of the punishments.

Child pornography crimes are almost stable in the United States of America. Race is influential in because some races are most associated with the vice. In both the years when the studies in this article were carried out, child pornography was found be prevalent in non-Hispanic whites (Wolak, Finkelhor and Mitchell 36). This implies that the white males are the most notorious in child pornography. It is also evident that the vice happens in also most parts of the country and across the divide in terms of social, academic, and economic backgrounds. This is evident from the finding that the offenders were of different educational, geographic, and financial status.

Stability in the Rate of the Crime

Child pornography in the United States of America was more or less stable in the year 2000 and 2006. This means that the offence is not very dynamic in the country. This is evident from the fact that there were no significant changes in the numbers registered in both years. The number of juvenile offenders arrested in both years was older than 25 years (Wolak, Finkelhor and Mitchell 36). This implies that young adults made the highest number of offenders. The mature of crime is also stable in the country because the highest t number of offenders were found with images depicting sexual penetration, preteen children, and sexual contact with grown us. This means that the nature of the crime is not varied. Nevertheless, it revolves around certain aspects in most parts of the country.

Effects of Technology

Technological advancements were not highly influential in child pornography in the United States, apart from a few applications. However, technology has a significant contribution towards the crime given the fact that it is the use in a few ways to perpetuate child pornography. In the study, most offenders were found to use cell phones, home laptops, or web cameras. It is arguably correct that technology contributed in this way because these facilities are readily available and can be accessed by many people including the minors. However, perpetrators do not take full advantage of the sophisticated technological advancements to execute their crime (Wolak, Finkelhor, and Mitchell 2). This is because most of those arrested used unsophisticated methods such as passwords to hide their trade. This was so despite the fact the there are other complicated methods such as encryption that can be used. File sharing networks are the most used avenues to perpetuate child pornography. The most notorious offenders were found to use peer-to-peer networks and were 40% more likely to have images of children of less than 3 years. Shockingly, 93% of these users were likely to have images of sexual penetration, whereas, 39% had pictures of violence related to child pornography (Wolak, Finkelhor, and Mitchell, 33). This means that internet facilities that enable many people to mingle such as peer-to-peer are used most.

Affected Groups

From the studies presented in this article, it is evident that children of 12 years and below are the most affected. In addition, most of these children are girls (Wolak, Finkelhor, and Mitchell 30). This implies that females are more vulnerable to the effects of child pornography compared to males who are less at risk. In the years, 2000 and 2006, most of those arrested for child pornography had images of girls, as opposed to those of boys. Only 15 percent had the images of both boys and girls. Most of those arrested in 2000 had images of children of less than three years. Similarly, the age of twelve was realized as the average age of for the pictures found with perpetrators in 2006. This implies that the trade is strictly targeted at children who are not capable of even thinking correctly about basic issues.

There is significant progress in fighting against child pornography. More perpetrators are being apprehended, prosecuted, and jailed for the crime. The sentences given to these offenders are considerably punitive enough, and this could be the reason behind the stable trends in decline of child pornography. According to Wolak, Finkelhor and Mitchell, the greater majority of trials ended up with guilty pleas with offenders being incarcerated for periods of more than five years (36). Only a few were sentenced to imprisonment for a period of less than one year (Wolak, Finkelhor, and Mitchell 36). Child pornography is better fought using the federal law, as opposed to the states laws. The federal law is being used against offenders more compared to the states laws meaning that they could be weaker and thus not serve the purpose well. A significant number of cases were handled using the federal law with only a few receiving state legal attention.

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Child pornography in the United States is a real problem in real time because it is targeting the most innocent members of the society. There are more efforts directed at fighting the vice by law enforcement agencies, which are at high alert on child pornography. The risk posed by the offenders is exceptionally high given the fact that they have higher chances of succeeding by targeting children. The punishment should be made more severe, and stringent state laws applied. In addition to embracing better methods of fighting child pornography, knowledge about the same crime is crucial. This will boost the efforts of curbing the use of technology in perpetuating child pornography.



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