Free Custom «Policy Process Paper» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Policy Process Paper» Essay Paper

It may look a dream not come true when changing the Criminal Justice System but with consistence, it can be achieved. All that is needed is an understanding of the whole system and what they encounter. One has to put in mind that, any government comprises of three branches which are, legislative, executive and judicial. With judicial, one needs to put in mind that its work is to enforce the law of which some laws needs either to be added or implemented to curb criminal activities that never seem to get finished especially for those ex-offenders who come out to the society only to find themselves being isolated hence opting to go back to criminal activities again.

A bigger percentage of criminals in any given nation are the youths who have either completed schools or they have not or gone for vocational training. This is as a result of looking for needs to carter for their living. These youths are arrested, taken to court and either released back to the society to come and continue with the same problems hence prompted to go back to criminal activities. For those jailed for some period, when released, they go back to face significant barriers to quality employment hence remaining unstable or non-existent housing arrangements. These same ex-offenders youths may go through some difficulties after the release such as chronic infectious, mental disorders diseases and substance abuse with lack of access to health care.

In this case, prisoners need to be prepared to constructively reenter the outside society, that’s why a reentry program (the inevitable consequences of incarceration as defined by Travis and Visher (2005) of the urban institute) needs to be put in place to rehabilitate the affected ones.

This will help prisoners in terms of preparedness to the outside society when it comes to job hunting so as to achieve job skills, job readiness prior to the release and functional levels of literacy. Not only those who are willing to learn that will benefit but also those not enrolled in education program would work in-prison industries as part of the employees to make products that could be used by the state and local governments. With this, all the barriers to lack of jobs will reduce the public safety because all those who were ex-offenders would have already acquired and maintained their employment status hence reducing issues such as drug dealings, violent crimes and property crime. Not only employment will be considered, but also accommodation and substance abuse treatment.

How can this be achieved? One needs to have some steps to be followed. Embracing democracy will be of importance because voting is considered to be a very powerful tool that will change the system. All the affected will be made to understand the reasons for voting since it will be in an educative perspective. To achieve this, one need to frequently visit the related websites, computer searches of their policies.

Consultation with law makers such as judges and prosecutors will bear great fruits. This will help in consideration when giving their judgments to different types of crimes. One need to know that, one is sentenced according to the crime he or she was involved with. And these crimes need to be discussed with the prosecutors and judges especially those crimes that are considered to be harsh which are likely to influence the offender.

Using media to influence the public can be of great achievement in terms of opinion expression especially when it comes to public perception of the criminals and how the justice system is working which will definitely influence the voting pattern of the legislators and judges. Expressing your opinion in the media through editorials, articles, and attendance at political events can do a lot to get the word out. With this, the criminal justice system will improve.



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