Free Custom «Managing Criminal Justice Organizations» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Managing Criminal Justice Organizations» Essay Paper

Lay off can be defined as the elimination of certain positions due to reasons like lack of enough work, lack of money, or due to reorganization of the firm or company. Layoffs have to follow certain basic steps for the process to be considered fair and just (Baumol, Blinder& Wolff, 2003). These steps are:

The Plan to Implement the Cuts

The employing unit has the following responsibilities to carry out; ensure that you notify the Human Resource for the need to do the layoff. This will assist the Human Resources consultants to contact you, so as to review the process of the layoff. You should also ensure that, the employees scheduled for the process and the rest of the staff and clients get appropriate communication on time about the layoffs (Baumol, Blinder& Wolff, 2003).

Next is to take any post layoff action that is considered appropriate to end the appointments or to ensure that they are reduced in pay roll system according to the proper rules provided.

The Human Resource consultant has the duties of evaluating reasons for lay offs so as to make sure that they are consistent with requirements of the program employment, they should assist the department with the planning and the management of the lay offs in case they are complex, they should determine a rehire list and bumping options for the staff which is classified, they should ensure that there is proper preparation of the layoff notice which should be well signed by the official with the mandate to do so. Then the signed layoff notice should be delivered to the employee and lastly determine on behalf of the classified staff that the selection of the employees to be laid off is properly recorded and acted on (Baumol, Blinder& Wolff, 2003).

Ethical Issues

Proper ethics in layoffs and cuts are very essential. These practices will allow you to cut costs while at the same time preserving your relationship with the most critical employees chosen to remain.

Layoffs and cuts need to follow certain strategies and ethics so as to maintain the image of the organization. How you select the employees to be laid off matters a lot to the remaining employees and even those leaving. Your main focus when selecting is to maintain the organization intellectual capital (Buchholz, 1989).

Decide What the Company Will Need, to go Forward

Before deciding on who to be laid off, think about the company’s future dream. Ask yourself if the company is shrinking in some areas while expanding in others which are the essential positions that must be maintained for the organization to continue moving (Buchholz, 1989).

Figure out the position to be cut

Now that you understand the organization goals, you are able to identify areas to be scaled back. For example if the security department is cutting back on security matters, focus more attention on the criminal investigation. At this point, you need to focus on jobs and positions but not on individual workers (Buchholz, 1989).

Establish the Criteria for the Layoff Decision

Since you have a sense of what skills the company will need to go forward, you can decide on how to select workers for layoffs and cuts. The objective criterion is the best at this point, for example seniority and productivity. Subjective qualities like willingness to learn new ideas or communication skills can also be used but ensure that everyone applies the criteria consistently (Strong & Meyer, 1992).

Make a list

Apply the criteria set to the workers in the identified departments so as to come up with an initial lay off list. Rate how well each worker meets the lay off criteria and then weed out the employees with the lowest scores (Strong & Meyer, 1992).

Recheck the List

After completion of the initial list, look over it again for the potential problems. Ensure your lay off plans; do not discriminate against illegal basis like race, gender or ethnic group. Ask yourself if a certain worker is laid off, will the company be getting rid of minority workers? If the illegal basis like age or gender appears, rethink your plan or you can talk to an employment lawyer or any profession in the field of employment (Strong & Meyer, 1992).

Retain Enough Employees to Do the Work

Ensure the number of workers left will be able to perform the work in the organization. If the workers left are subjected to overworking conditions, they will quickly begin to search for new jobs (Strong & Meyer, 1992).

Effects of Corruption
Corruption cases among officials of an organization involve embezzlement of huge amounts of public funds through mismanagement, wastage, inequality and can lead to decay of social status of the organization. This will result into a disastrous economy that can break down the organization or lower its standards of performance (Sahdev, 2003).

Management Methods for Motivating Employees

Proper Tools to do The Job

All employees should be given adequate tools required to perform their jobs. As for this case of the policemen, they require enough guns and bullets, uniforms among others. Also consider the employees with special needs like the handicapped if there is any because they require special attention. Attention to detail and provide adequate tools for employees to do the job will eliminate employee frustrations and discouragement and instead, increase productivity and satisfaction (Sahdev, 2003).

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Training before work will review the organization’s policies and procedures. Each employee should have a copy of the organization’s culture. New employees need frequent training than the old employees. Many employees feel frustrated and cause frequent errors in their jobs due to inadequate or lack of training. Comprehensive training will make your employees happier and make their life much easier (Sahdev, 2003).



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