Free Custom «Justice Administration» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Justice Administration» Essay Paper

Administration of justice is a key to ensuring order and equality in any society. The principle in the bible book of Exodus 21:22-25 envisages the need for justice in case an unborn child was killed by two struggling men. A structural framework is necessary to prevent injustices regardless of the social status of an individual. However, justice may be marred by certain challenges hence becoming elusive as portrayed by John Maru in his article “Effective Administration of the police and prosecution in criminal justice.” The pillars of criminal justice: the police, prosecutors, judiciary and correctional facilities need to be efficient and effective in their functioning to ensure a successful dispensation of justice.

In the judiciary, the courts are organs that are charged with the duty of listening to cases and delivery of verdicts. The United States court system is branched in to the federal and the state judicial branches. These branches are separate administratively and independent of the legislative and executive branches. In the event of discharging their duties, efficiency and effectiveness is curtailed by delays. The delays have resulted into a backlog of cases due to increased awareness of the general public of their legal rights as discussed by Maru in the article. Other causes of the delays that cripple administration of justice, as discussed in the peer review, include inadequate budgetary allocation s by the government, lack of collaboration in the various courts in their jurisdiction and cumbersome rules and procedures.

Corruption has proven to be another factor bedeviling the court systems. The Article identifies that the integrity of the law and its religious roots continue to disappear and that the temptation of cashing in on the bribes and the get-rich-quick perception has resulted to abandonment of professional independence. Legal professional ethics has been thrown to the dogs as it were. Deuteronomy 32:4 identifies one cardinal quality that the creator of the universe has: Justice. Since they were created in God’s image and likeness, humans ought to imitate this essential quality embodied in Jehovah the supreme Judge. On the contrary, it seems that the society we live in has watered down this need to dispense out justice due to greed.

Furthermore, the inability of the court pillar in the administration of justice has been contingent to the overcrowding of jails. The continued backlogging of cases results into a never-ending infiltration of prisons making them lethal sports. Consequently, prison breaks of the very notorious and hardcore criminals have been the repercussions. Economic recessions that have hit the United States have caused huge cut-backs on spending. In view of increased crime rates and its metamorphosis, Maru is assertive that more funding is needed to promote the administration of justice by all the players. Therefore it’s only natural that a lack of response in this respect will derail the much needed administration of justice.

The peer reviewed article recommends that to enhance justice administration the following factors need to be reconsidered in agreement with the book: Justice Administration. It mentions that petty offences need to be decriminalized, instilling of mediation and counseling skills to police officers, police and courts to promote bails and separation of jail facilities for convicted prisoners and remandees.

In conclusion, to achieve a justice administration system that is efficient and effective, transparency; cooperation and coordination among the various pillars of justice administration; provision of adequate finances, manpower and infrastructure are vital. In general, “Effective Administration of the police and prosecution in criminal justice” and the Justice Administration identify common challenges that hinder realization of justice administration in U.S.



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