Free Custom «Is the War on Terror Justified?» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Is the War on Terror Justified?» Essay Paper

Yes, I fully support the fact that war on terror is justified. Acts of terrorism can be best described as activities that destroy peace and harmony prevailing within human population. They are actually evil acts considered as crimes against humanity and civilized life. For peace, love and unity to prevail, all acts of terrorism should be dealt with and the perpetrators punished accordingly. This will help prevent further terrorism attacks that are dangerous to human existence.

Terrorism attacks leads to destruction of lots of property and loss of human life. For instance, the acts of terror initiated by Osama Bin Laden against the United States of America led to loss of life and destruction of lots of properties. Apart from the ‘twin towers’ where heavy attacks were launched, other American embassies all over the world were targeted thus leading to loss of innocent lives and destruction of valuable properties. Sincerely, it is sad to see innocent individuals lose their lives and lots of property destroyed following various acts of terrorism. This is actually a clear justification of war against terrorism and other associated acts (Taylor 11).

I think the war on terrorism is justified since it necessitates the process of administering justice to the victims of terrorism attacks. Acts of terrorism are unethical and against the values, norms and beliefs of the Christian community. The only fair way to make terrorists pay for their actions is to strengthen the war on terror so that those committing the offence are punished accordingly (Hewitson 36).

Terrorism is a great threat to security as well as the well being of human population. Places where terrorism and other associated attacks are high become scary to visitors and causes migration. People tend to move from such places in search for more secure and peaceful places. The war on terror will actually reduce the insecurity level in such places and prevent migration of people through promotion of peace (Werner 127).

Terrorism also affects the economic activities and lowers the GDP in areas subjected to terrorism (for a substantial period of time). Places where acts of terrorism are high lose many investors, tourists and other potential individuals with a bearing to the economy. The only way to make such places recover from the crisis is to enhance war on terrorism in order to restore confidence, trust and reputation for the investors and the tourists (Langbein 18).

In conclusion, it is very important to stop all possible acts of terror and any other associated act to ensure that people are living in peace under safe and secure conditions. No human being has the right to take away the life of another human being or make others suffer because it is against the societal values and at the same time undermines human dignity/rights (Werner 136).



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