Free Custom «Human Trafficking in Asia» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Human Trafficking in Asia» Essay Paper

Human trafficking constitutes one of the greatest violations to human beings in the present days. The leading form of trafficking is sex trafficking. Studies have shown that there are nearly 2.5 million people who are victims of this form of trafficking (Farrell, 2011). It is the second largest illegal trade second only to drug trafficking and was estimated to be worth a whooping US$5-US$9 Billion (Farrell, 2011). This form of trafficking transverses the age barrier and both adults and children are victims, with the number of children involved in the industry increasing day by day.

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The sex industry has been growing over the years and the fact that the world has become more liberal means that more and more people express their sexual desires more than before. It was at one time taboo to even talk of anything sexually related. Today, however, things have changed and people have been more open about sex. This has led to more and more people having the need to act out their fantasies which may be out of the traditional norms. As such, there evolved a part of the adult industry that ensures that this kinds of people have their desires met for a fee (Hanks, 2009). This may involve sexually violating children of both sexes and even adults. This has become quite a lucrative venture and as such more and more middle men have been kidnapping the children and other people needed to be included in these illegal ventures. There are also numerous underground and illegal brothels all over the world that also require the women and children to operate (Hanks, 2009) These push for the kidnapping of the people to be used to run the brothels. 

The experiences of those trafficked for sex exploitation are but pleasant. They are forced to go through humiliating experences like rape and are also forced to have sex with many partners. Some may also be beaten and tortured in the course of the rape ordeal. Many young girls are also forced to take drugs so that they can be unconscious when they are being violated. There has also been an increase in the number of children who are being forced into child pornography rackets which have also been taking ground over the last decade. According to research, child pornography has led to the increase in the number of children who are being abducted from their schools, homes and neighborhoods (Farrell, 2011).

There are many reasons why people find themselves victims of trafficking. Besides being kidnapped, some people may find themselves in this situation in the quest to repay money borrowed. A debt may lead to some victims being forced to get involved in trafficking in order to repay the debt but at a much higher cost (Hanks, 2009). Some may be tempted to get involved in the search for money to meet their needs. They may start by engaging in prostitution but upgrade it to trafficking since it offers more money to the victims. They may then realize that they have gotten into a racket that is difficult to get out of when it is too late. Some countries are poor and their citizens are duped into believing that their young children are being taken to foreign countries to be employed. Once they get to the foreign lands they realize too late that they are being taken into the human trafficking rackets. This has been the case for most of the victims and more and more countries are taking the necessary measures to curb human trafficking. Illegal organizations are also in the rise which go into the developing countries and tell the people in the villages that they want to assist the children by offering them education and opportunities in the developeed countries. The parents fall for the trap and allow their children to go with the foreigners only to lose their children into these elaborate schemes (Aronowitz, 2009).    

Most of the victims find out too late that they have been trafficked. It is difficult for them to get out of the rackets since they may not even know where they are. Those who manage to escape are beaten and threatened with more beatings and death if they are caught thus they don’t try to escape again. Most countries also lack the awareness to the existence of these rackets and as such cases are not reported because there are no set guidelines to follow in such cases. Most of the victims are usually locked up and kept in underground cells thus they cannot escape. Studies have also shown that more and more victims develop Stockholm syndrome which makes them bond with their captors and thus lose the desire to escape (Farrell, 2011). Some victims may be threatened by their captors that their family members will be harmed if they escaped thus they do not attempt to escape to save their families. In some parts of Asia, sex is still taboo and being a rape victim is seen as bringing shame to the family. As a result the victims choose to remain in the rackets since they have nowhere to go if they escaped as they have been cutout by their families. Death may also befall those who are caught escaping so as to act as an example to the rest and instill fear among their colleagues. Most of the victims of trafficking from Asia find their way to Europe and other parts of the world and have no way of going back to their homes (Close, 2004). They are not paid and all the money collected from their services got o their pimps. It is an unfortunate occurrence especially in the present day when freedom is expected for all people in the world.


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