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President Obama has picked Kagan as the Justice Nominee and together with Joseph Biden who is the Vice President presented Elena Kagan who has been a Solicitor General as his nominee. If Miss Kagan is elected she will be the country’s 112th Supreme Court justice. She has been a chief advocate to President Obama and she was chosen before the Supreme Court in order to join the ruling on the cases very important to his view of the future of the nation at large.

Miss Kagan is a well-regarded 50-year-old lawyer and she was the first woman to become the dean of the Harvard Law School. She has also served well as a member of staff in all the three branches of the U.S Government. If she is confirmed she will be the third woman in the current court and she will be the youngest member of the court. She will also be the first justice without prior judicial experience in more than four decades. This is why many critics have questioned whether she is well qualified for the position. Kagan has not written anything that would tell us how she thinks of how judges should decide cases or even about judicial philosophy. The White House however is really interested in her because of this reason (New York edition 1).

When she was a solicitor general, Kagan represented the government on many issues before the Supreme Court and her views were so much supposition and this makes the other justices from both sides of conservatives and democrats of the ideological aisle to be suspicious of her. The liberals truly dislike the support that she strongly shows for a strong executive power and the fact that she outreached for the conservatives especially with her position as a dean. Activists attack her because she briefly barred the military recruiters from the facility of campus.

Miss Kagan is experienced in the law career and is well aware of the judicial philosophy which she is well committed to. She said that she was aware of the administrative and constitutional law issues which form the core of the docket of the court that she even teaches in the law school. President Obama is interested in real world experience and judicial pragmatism in the judicial philosophy and this makes Kagan the best candidate for the justice in the Supreme Court (New York edition 1).

Buy custom Government essay paper cheap

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